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Contra fighter is the blog for Contra Radio Network.  Wondering why the names are not the same?  Easy!  It’s because the blog was created long before I started doing my radio show.  Now comes the cool part.  CRN has not only expanded onto different platforms, but we are now offering CRN t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies.  These items were designed by Grunt Style, and because they were designed by Grunt Style you know these are the coolest, most eye grabbing graphics available.  Not only that, but all items that I am offering have a lifetime guarantee!  Show me another company with a lifetime guarantee on t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies.  The guarantee covers stains and damage.

So you are now wondering, how to order these unique-one of a kind items-right?  I will tell you.  Email me which items you want- how many, what sizes, and your shipping address.  Send me no money now- I will invoice you for the order via Paypal.

So now you are thinking, hey wait!!! What do they look like?  I got ya covered here are the pics for the items I am offering- and if this fundraising campaign is successful- I will ask Grunt Style to do more different  designs so you can always have the most unique t shirts available.

Here are the prices and the sizes.
Tees – $24.95
Long Sleeves – $32.95
Hoodies – $44.95
2XX items to add $2 and 3XXX items add $3
Black Tees I can get UP TO 10XXXXXXXXXX!
Long Sleeves up to 5XXXXX
Hoodies up to 5XXXXX
Shipping is $5.95
I will invoice you your order, send your mailing address and email, and which items and sizes to No sizes below large. These items have a lifetime guarantee- stained or damaged.

And now I will offer you this–if I can get 50 items on pre-order- I will pass onto you the discount price-of course before I can order these items I HAVE to get a minimum 36 items pre-ordered.  So there you have it.  That’s the deal !!!

5 Most Absurd Ways the Left Has Responded to the 2016 Election – Breitbart

5 Most Absurd Ways the Left Has Responded to the 2016 Election

Source: 5 Most Absurd Ways the Left Has Responded to the 2016 Election – Breitbart

Outrageous Tactics Used by DePaul University to Shut Down Conservative Speech

Commentary By Andrew Kloster Andrew R. Kloster is a legal fellow in the Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at The Heritage Foundation, focusing on civil rights, the role of the f…

Source: Outrageous Tactics Used by DePaul University to Shut Down Conservative Speech

The Coward of Paulding County |

Source: The Coward of Paulding County |

Socialism Is An Immoral System | Zero Hedge

The American economic system, and in fact the world’s economic system is failing, and that failure is being attributed by many on the left (and some on the right) as a failure of capitalism. This false notion has given rise to Bernie Sanders and his preaching of social democracy. How has this happened?

Source: Socialism Is An Immoral System | Zero Hedge

Protesting In 2016

I was watching various news channels today, and I have come to the conclusion about the people who are protesting, whether it is about Trump, or some other “issue” that they do not agree with today.

So here is what I have noticed. Many of the signs being carried seem to be made professionally, you know like at a printers shop. The protest seem to be during the work week. Do not these people have jobs or are they professional students? Perhaps their job is to be a professional protestor? Why do they feel the need to chant slogans from 50 years ago? For example “What do we want?”. “When do we want it”, “Hey, Hey Ho, Ho (fill in the name or issue you are protesting) has to go.” or this one ,” the people united, will never be divided.”

I have also seen a correlation of news/media cameras to protestors in that when the cameras are on they vocal, when the cameras go away, so do the protestors. Forcing me to ask, why do you need media cameras to make your point? Is this just a way to get attention upon yourself? Do you really need the media cameras to get your point across? Is your “issue” so weak you need to pander to the media and their cameras?

Why do the protesters feel the need to destroy property both public and private? Why do they need to commit battery upon people with whom they disagree or who do not agree with them? I see their behavior and I think that it turns off many people who might agree with them, but because of the way the protesters act, it pushes potential supporters away.

So I see these people acting like they have not one iota of common sense, not one original idea, and I wonder if their parents or grandparents are old dirty hippies from the 60’s who taught them to act in this way. Something that does bother me, is the willingness they have to deprive people of their right of free speech, their right to peacefully assemble, and deny people their right to their own political views free from threat of violence.Occupy Oakland Riot/Protestors

My impression is that many of these protestors are college students, you know supposedly educated people. Yet where did they get the idea that this is the way to protest? Destroying property, hitting people, setting fires. Since when does this become acceptable? Those 3 things are criminal acts. Yet it seems that politicians who have not the guts, backbone, or intelligence, are unable to bring themselves to order their police departments to do their job, and clear the streets for fear that they might look like they support law and order. By the way there was a mayor of Chicago back in 1968 who decided that he knew how to deal with the protestors, and he did. For along time after that (which the MSM and Academia referred to it as “A Police Riot”) there were some protest but it was orderly. People got their issue across. No big deal, they had their say, their way. Not so with the protestors of today. Now it is their way, you have no say.

Speaking of politicians, I have noticed that a larger degree, these protests are usually in Democratic controlled cities and towns. Most of these protestors identify themselves as Democrats or align with the Democrat party. When it is all over who suffers? The citizens of that city or town who did not join in the protest, and for the most part did not want the protestors in their neighborhood acting the fools.

What it comes down to is this, I am tired of the Protestors. Go home ,I, and many other people I know, don’t even care what it is you are protesting any more. Come to my neighborhood and act the fool, and there won’t be people standing by while you act the fool. They will come out and tell you exactly what they think about your protest, and then some.

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