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I am not impressed with the release of King Obama’s Birth Cert.

There has been a lot made of the release of Obama’s birth certificate this week.  I, for one, am not impressed.  Why?  Well the release of the document does not improve his leadership skills, it does not explain the Foreign Policy of the United States, which I consider to be schizophrenic in its application in the real world.  It does not do anything for the Energy Policy of this country.  Again, schizophrenic in is application.  All it was as far as I am  concerned is a political distractor.

If anything it weakened the Administration.  We now have a President who appears to have bowed before the pressure of an undeclared candidate for the office of POTUS.  If anything it shows a man who is in over his head, and made a bad decision.  Bad decisions in and of itself does not define a person, however, when the decisions are continually questionable, then it becomes an issue.  In this President’s case, it seems that the bad decisions just keep on coming.  For example, when the President made the decision to propose National Healthcare, aka Obamacare, it seemed that his party and himself were determined come Hell or High Water to get this bad piece of legislation through the Congress, despite the loud opposition to it.  It was and is perceived that they were ignoring the will of the  majority of the People.  As it stands now, the American taxpayer has once again been sold a bill of goods.  As time marched on, the consequences of the passage of this bill become more ominous as the CBO revises its cost.  Europe has realized the foolishness of Universal Healthcare, and is starting to reverse course from a continually inept, and unprogressive healthcare system that is not getting them the bang for the buck they has hoped for when it was first proposed decades ago.  The truth of the matter is this, No government is and can be the answer to all of society’s ills and problems.  At some point the people have to be willing to change their society.  For far too long, Americans look at the federal government as the end all answer.  What Americans are not taught in the education system is that it was the States who had the initial power, they created the Federal government.  Not the other way around.  To insure that the States would retain that status, the framers of the Constitution created the 9th and 10th Amendments to insure that there would not be a strong central government.  After all, the Founding Fathers had already had enough of a strong European style central governments.  Anyway, I digress

.  It seems to millions of Americans across the Eco-Socio lines that this government is being run by fiat.  The days of Progressive government is over, it is too expensive to experiment with Socialist ideas in our Republic.  By the way the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy.  I do not think Obama is a “bad” man, what I think was he got himself into a position in which he could not extract himself when he first ventured forth the idea of running for President.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) did not do their job of vetting candidates.  Instead they became enamoured with the idea of a man of color running for President. They lost sight of their objectivity, and failed to do their job.  Even today, with the obvious blunders of this administration they are willing to continue to gloss over gross miscalculations, and bad decisions.  The MSM has lost all of its journalistic credibility, especially NBC.  If they had done what they were suppose to do, this issue of the birth certificate would have never been an issue for this President.  I think that somewhere just after election night, Obama looked around and said to himself, “Now what do i do?”  His inexperience is to gross and over powering to ignore it anymore.  The cost is too high.  The cost of being a “Progressive” state is too high.  The debts are nearly catastrophic.  The government is printing money with no value and using it to make loan payments on loans.  America is in extreme danger of losing its monetary designation as the ‘World’s Reserve Currency”.  When that happens everything, from what you eat to what you wear will change overnight.  More later…. jj


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