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Can you explain this to me?

What I really want explained to me is just what the Foreign Policy of the Obama administration is, and what the aims are of this policy. I will tell you right off the start, I do not know what the Foreign Policy of this administration is or what the goals are. I will tell you my observations. 1) It appears that the Foreign Policy consist of screwing over are traditional allies and kow towing to this countries enemies. I point to Mubarak and the Egyptian uprising. I would agree that 30 years of Emergency Rule is excessive and more than likely not all that legitimate. However, Mubarak did keep the Muslim Brotherhood in line, if not in prison, and did abide the Camp David Accords and thus has kept the peace with Israel. Now it appears that the Brotherhood is about to be the de facto ruler in Egypt politics.
I look at the President of Yemen, again like Mubarak, has been around awhile. Has been a good ally in the War on Terrorism, and not friendly with Al Quiada on the Arabian Peninsula. But because of mass street protest, this administration is ready and willing to throw him overboard, in favor of unknowns who may or may not be friendly with U.S. policies and objectives. When Qadhafi has an uprising problem, it takes this administration an eternity to decide if he is good or bad, and really doesn’t want to take the lead in deposing this dictator who has neither been friendly with the U.S. or its policies. The only time I can remember in recent memory that Libya has cooperated with the U.S> is when Qadhafi saw what happened to Saddam in Iraq decided it would be better not to have G.W. Bush knocking down his door lest he be seen as working and harboring terrorist. foreign Fighters are another subject, but is still a valid point. Many, if not most of the Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan came/come from Libya. I am sure they were dispatched with Qadhafi’s blessing. Not much happens with Libya without it. So back to my original premise, Allies bad, Dictators good. Granted some of our allies are ruled by dictators, others like Karzai of Afghanistan, are as corrupt as they come, yet this administration continues to work with this guy. In Pakistan, they are not our friends, but our money is. Friends don’t let friends inspect stealth helicopter technology before returning it to its rightful owner. Friends also do not harbor our countries most wanted man. The official line is, that no one high up in the Pakistani government knew Bin Laden was hiding out in a million dollar house in a city of shacks, less than a mile from their version of West Point. I mean no one, not one person, saw that house, and said “I wonder who lives there?” And every reply was “I don’t know.” Yet somehow, this administration wants us to believe that no one knew. Right. I call B.S.
Next lets look at the Chinese, not the free Chinese on Taiwan, but the Communist Chinese.
This week there was a love in with the Peoples Liberation Army and the U.S. military. When it was over the Chinese general participated in a press conference. He says that China has no intention of trying to take on the US military because of our technology, and weapons. Does anyone really believe this other than other leftist who want this dream to be true? The general was just practicing “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. It is called deception. Luring your opponents into a false sense of security. I am sure than at no time was the fact that China continually tries and sometimes succeeds in hacking into our defense computer networks. They do this day and night. The Cyber War has been engaged and continues to this day. Yet not one word of it was discussed? Why? Do we risk offending the Chinese? This administration has no clear or coherent foreign policy. What they do have is a Hodge podge of ideas that at times are schizophrenic when implemented. Case and point Obama’s comments about Israel. Lets just piss off our one true ally in the Middle East. Perhaps Obama thinks we should return a portion of Arizona and New Mexico, and Texas, and California back to Mexico. After all the Mexicans lost it during war. Just an idea I thought I would bring up.


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