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Is Wiener Scandal really that Important?

On the surface of the Rep. Weiner (D-NY) scandal involving pics, tweets, and lies to both the press and the public seems to be really important, but it only seems that way.  Normally, I like to write from my own observations from the Conservative point of view as evidenced by this blog’s name.  A name that is a tribute to President Ronald Reagan, for those that do not know why the name for the blog. 

From the start of this breaking scandal I think we all suspected that the Honorable Rep. Weiner’s story was just not adding up quite right.  But as the story progressed and the media soon became targets for Rep. Weiner, and his refusal to answer their questions, and when he did answer, his answers didn’t quite make sense, especially when a follow up question or a clarifying question failed to go anywhere, it only fueled the speculation.  Well now, that the Honorable Rep. Weiner has come clean to a degree, I have asked myself, “ Is this really surprising or that important story?” 

I think I knew from the beginning that yes it was him, and yes, he would not be held to a higher standard that the former Rep. Lee (R-NY 26) was for texting his shirtless torso, this pic would be the cause of his resignation.  Lee who was just elected to office, got himself in trouble when he entered into Washington DC airspace.  Now a 6 term representative got himself into trouble.

What is it about those in political power get caught doing stupid things?  It is just not Democrats, but Republicans as well.  If the Honorable Rep. Weiner had fessed up when the story broke, chances are, nothing would have happened to his career.  Now an Ethics Investigation is being called for by Pelosi, my least favorite person in the political world.  Sure Weiner might have had some domestic problems, but that is a given when acting like a cyber predator, or cyber stalker.  I am sure that there will be marital strife in the Weiner household.  But it is of Anthony’s making, so be it.

This is becoming a more apparent  problem in American politics.  It is just not bad behavior, it is a pervasive behavior that says to ones self, “I am a person of power, I can do whatever I wish, with little fear of punishment or retribution.  We saw Rep. Rangle, another New Yorker, get nailed for tax evasion, but because he a Representative, he gets a slap on the wrist.  If it was you or I, we would be doing time in a Federal prison.  Rangle is just one example.  You have Vitter out of Louisiana, hanging out with prostitutes, yet nothing.  If it were you or I, there would be a criminal prosecution.  So why is it that these buffoons we elect to office continue to conduct themselves in a questionable way, despite the examples of others before them who have been caught.  What is it inside them, that says “Yes do this.”  “You are smarter than the others”  “You won’t get caught.”  This same type of thing happens over and over again.  Party doesn’t matter.  This is personal ethics.  How can someone with major character flaws can fool so many people into voting for them, time and again? 

Which brings me around to the title of todays blog.  Given that until we the people, of all political persuasions say once and for all, that if you represent me in my government, you had better behave yourself while on government time and payroll.  If they show a lack of integrity in their marriage, something that is so personal, where else have they had a lapse of judgment or integrity.  If they are willing to sacrifice their families and loved ones for something so stupid, what else are they willing to sell out?  It is a moral failing?  Yes it is.  Are they perfect?  Of course not.  But we don’t expect sainted Crusaders, but we do expect some kind of decent behavior while they represent us.  So is it a big deal?  That is really up to the Weiner’s constituents to decide.  What say you? 


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