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Afghanistan- What to do next

Today, President Obama will be revealing his plan for U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, (the Ghan if you served there.)  Now the questions and ramifications of such a withdrawal are becoming clear.  Let me say from the start, I do NOT have the answers for these questions, I will merely present them as I see them.  I am also sure that I will have some questions, and some points.  So lets begin.

Will the withdrawal of U.S. troops be seen as a defeat of the United States by Al Qaeda, or other ne’er-do-well countries?  I am sure the terrorist and other like-minded countries will look upon this as a plan to battle the U.S.  They figure if we can just hang on long enough and try to outlast U.S. policy then they have a defacto victory in that the U.S. forces have left the field of battle.  I see the reasoning of this but there is definitely more to this question and line of reasoning.  How can the U.S. continue to fight the Taliban and other terrorist in Afghanistan, if the government of Afghanistan is and has been shown to be corrupt in just about every way possible.  From misappropriating money, to actually helping the Taliban from within their own government.  Are a people, and a government worth saving if they are unable to free themselves of this 13th century mindset where it is OK to take advantage of your friends whenever possible?  I say the answer is “No”.  Do not get me wrong, I am all for warring on our enemies and those that aid and abet them.  But I draw the line, when the people and the government we are trying to save, decide it is better to aid the other side.  Again how do we as a modern society show another society that is stuck in the 13 century mentality that their way just doesn’t work in the 21st century world of today?  I do not think it is possible to change that mindset.  There are still people in the Ghan who are trying to decide to support the U.S. or support the Taliban.  I find this to be unacceptable.  It has been nearly 10 years, and if those people still cannot decide, then it is time to cut our losses, and leave the Ghan with a warning to their corrupt government if anything else comes from Afghanistan in the way of an attack, we will return with a vengeance, and no one will be spared our wrath.  The Ghans have had more than enough time to get their collective security forces organized and trained.  They know the difference between us and the Taliban.

The idea of the U.S./NATO trying to negotiate with the Taliban is an absurd idea.  They really have no reason to negotiate in good faith with NATO, the U.S., or the government of Afghanistan.  All they have to do is wait us out, then return to the ways they did before western intervention.  Why would anyone think that the Taliban can be trusted?  This, in my opinion, is folly to think that the Taliban will abide by any treaty or cease-fire once Western forces are gone.  Am I alone in this thinking?  And who is the “Taliban”?  Who are we talking to when we offer overtures to the “Taliban”?  Is who we are talking to, have the authority to speak for the “Taliban”?  Is U.S. intel good enough to be able to peer into the shadows of the “Taliban” and tell our negotiators who it is exactly that they are talking to?  Why would the Taliban even consider negotiating and giving up the fight, when the Western powers are headed for the outdoor?

can we as nation continue paying off the Karzai government and fund 2 other wars?  We all know that Karzai’s government is inept at governing and excellent in stealing money.

So I think in the end, we are stuck with 2 choices, neither one of them are very good.  1) We withdraw troops, and hope for a stable Afghanistan that won’t falter to the likes of the Taliban, or 2) We stay the course and finish putting a crimp on the Taliban and Foreign Fighters till they understand that we will leave when we good and ready to leave.  Remember it took, the better of 2 decades for the British government to get the IRA to the bargaining table to achieve a lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

The next prospect is equally important.  Pakistan.  If we get our troops out of Afghanistan, then we really have no more need for Pakistan.  I want all who read this to get this message loud and clear.  Pakistan is NOT our friend.  Pakistan and the Pakistani government have been tipping off, and aiding and abetting the Taliban in both, their country and the Ghan.  Their intel service the ISI, is corrupt and is ripe for a CIA hit team to go into their headquarters and take retribution on the leaders of the ISI for all the blood and death of U.S. soldiers that has resulted in their connivance with the terrorist.  I think that there are those in the CIA, Pakistan bureau who know who the infiltrators and betrayers are in the ISI, and they need to be cut out like the cancer that they have become by siding with the Taliban.  I would also start to encourage India to make problems for the Pakistanis in Kashmir region.  I do not for one moment that the Pakistanis are truly capable of keeping their nuclear weapons secure.  We, as a country, need to think long-term on this subject.  If enough Taliban take positions of responsibility in the Pakistani government, what is the likelihood of the Taliban or other terrorist organization gets their hands on a their dream weapon, a nuclear warhead?  I say pretty likely.  Remember the Pakistani’s are not our friends, we pay them to be our friends.. They are friends with the Chi-Coms (Chinese Communist).  So pulling out of the Ghan, will also enable us to pull out of Pakistan, and leave those people with the government of their making.

What do you think?


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