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Today we take a detour into the land of airport security,and the Federal governments answer the Transportation Security Administration-TSA. 

Well once again, the TSA has struck a blow at American citizens.  This time it was a 95 year old cancer patient who is in the last stages of life.  Heading back to Michigan so she can be closer to the cemetery.  She was in a wheel chair, and I guess that in and of itself is an “indicator” that this woman might be involved in terrorist activities.  Ever since the TSA was created, and created as a knee jerk reaction to the 9/11 attacks, there are stories everyday about the abuse TSA heaps upon the American people, all in the name of making flying safer.  Over the weekend a 10 year old girl had her snow globe confiscated by TSA at SEATAC.  This elderly woman, according to her daughter, took her mother into a private screening room and in the process of searching her, discovered that her adult diapers (Depends) had been soiled and she had to be changed before they would complete the search. 

Really?  An elderly cancer patient has to have her Depends searched by TSA?  I did not know that the Senior citizens of our country were such a threat.  According to TSA, the agents did the procedure by the book, and the agents would not search or tell anyone they have to take off their Depends.  Okay, so now TSA is saying that the patients daughter is lying?  Really?  At what point does Congress do the right thing and end the reign of this abusive government agency?

Here is a list of links of the kinds of abuses by the TSA.  Remember that these people are at the bottom end of the Security world. 

Lets start with the Pregnant Woman at Sky Harbor Phoenix.

How about a 6 year old girl terrorized by the TSA

Have you wondered about, “If I say something will I be singled out?”  The answer to this question is yes you will be.

Here is an incident At Chicago-O’Hare


I can go on all day with the stories of how well TSA is doing.  TSA is out of control.  Earlier I stated that TSA is a knee jerk reaction to and not having a full understanding of the security procedures in place at the time of the 9/11 attacks.  Prior to 9/11 the airlines were responsible for the security screeners at the nations various airports.  Now for the kicker.  All the items the terrorist used were legally allowed to be carried on the aircraft. 

I call on all of my fellow citizens-libs and cons both to call their Congressman/woman and Senator and demand an end to TSA.  It is obvious that this agency is either unable or unwilling to control their employees, while they continue to abuse the citizens of this country.  TSA is an embarrassment to DHS.  But then again so DHS is also an embarrassment in and of itself. 

It is time to BAN THE TSA.   


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