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Some unsolicited advice to the GOP

As the Debt Ceiling crisis steams forward without a resolution in sight for the foreseeable future, the American public looks towards our National leaders in faraway Washington D.C. for a some kind of a break through.

As the readers of this blog know, I, the writer, have right leaning political convictions-hence the name "Contra".  Since it has been reported that President Obama had abruptly left the room during the negotiations with the GOP leaders with a warning to Congressman Eric Cantor not to call his bluff.  The President also has vowed to veto any short term passage to extend the budget.



    On this I have some observations.  So with that said, and I were the GOP in Chief I would do these political moves to put the President and the Democratic Party into a corner.  First and foremost, I would call for a vote to perform a short term extension to avoid a credit downgrade by the world’s investment and banking houses.  Why?  First it would put the Dems in the House of Representatives on the record as to where they stand, this move would then force action on the Senate for the same reasons. The Dems would then be forced to go on the record about their stance on the budget.  If it does pass the Senate, then Obama will be forced to either carry out his veto threat and risk looking like the obstructionist to any meaningful budget resolution.  If he does sign the bill, then he has lost politically, something his ego cannot stand.  So far the President has painted himself into a corner.

     On the question of the "bluff".  You do not tell your opponents that you have a bluff, and they shouldn’t call it.  That takes away from the bluff strategy.  Not a real smart move from someone who is suppose to be so smart.  So if we use this logic, call Obama’s bluff, whatever he threatens is just that, a bluff.  The American public already knows that this president has no budget of his own.  He looks increasingly desperate as the talks progress.



The last budget proposed by the Obama was defeated in the Senate 97-0.  The Senate is controlled by the Dems.  So his own party didn’t like what he had proposed.

Now the commercials are starting to appear on the TV blasting the Republican plan of Rep. Paul Ryan.  Is this a sneak peek of the Obama strategy?  If so, this strategy will not produce a budget or a resolution to the debt ceiling.

  America has yet to see a revised Obama plan.  So far it is missing in action.  If the GOP is serious about defeating Obama in 2012 then they need to stick to their guns and force defeat on Obama and his tax and spend political cohorts.  The way to do this is to start voting on resolutions, including the Balanced Budget amendment.

  On another note, who do you know that call their credit card company and tell the bank that you are raising your own credit limit despite the fact that you have already maxed out your credit limit?  No one I know!  Well that is why this debt ceiling argument is so important.  Every American and corporation live by budgets, why is the Federal government immune to this principle?  They too have to learn to start living within their means. Just because you are out of money does not mean you get to ask (take) for money through tax increases.

  I think that now all Americans can see a real difference in the 2 major political parties in the United States.

What do you think?


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