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TSA should be Banned

I think I have a new hero.  Her name is

Yukari Mihamae, 61, and she reportedly grabbed the left breast of a TSA agent at a checkpoint.  At Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.   



It is high time someone decided to fight back against this Dog And Pony Show known as the TSA.   These $8.00 an hour predators have been sexually assaulting the American public for 10 years.  For those 10 years we, the American public,  have watched and stood by as the TSA has become more aggressive in their security checks and have done nothing.  We have all seen the videos and read the the stories of small children being groped by strangers, while their parents have stood by helplessly.    The parents wanting to say something but are afraid to because of the brown shirt TSA mentality of retribution should they so much as utter any kind of protest.  Yes the TSA does retaliate against those they deem as trouble makers.  They will delay you until you miss your flight, decide that you need extra attention and subject you to a more in depth search,  If you protest too much then they threaten you with arrest.  These actions cannot be justified. 

In the past month the TSA Brown Shirts have decided that a cancer patient in the last stages of her life was such a security threat that they needed to search her soiled Depends and do this while she was in wheel chair bound.  A 6 year old child had their toy snow globe confiscated because it was a security threat.  However, if you have an expired University ID and an expired boarding pass in another person’s name, then you are cleared through security and “Have a nice flight.”  Now for the $64,000 question.  Did any of those buffoons in the employ of the TSA get fired?  Did TSA once again make a lame excuse for the failure?  I would answer “No” to the first and “Yes” to the second question.

Over the weekend I heard one of our esteemed congresspersons talk about the security failure of 9/11.  I was and still am under the impression that all the weapons allowed used on 9/11 were allowed to be on board the aircraft legally. So where was the security failure?

There are still sheeple out there who will respond in the defense of the TSA Buffoons and Predators by saying if you do not want to go through the security at the airports, then don’t fly.  I respond to them by saying that the Dog and Pony show of the TSA does not warrant that extent of government intrusion.  If you are willing to trade your liberties for security you will have neither.  Credit to Ben Franklin for such an astute observation.

What would happen to you if you groped anyone in the fashion being practiced by the TSA?  I will hazard this guess, you will be arrested and charged with a crime. So why is it ok for the TSA (the government) to do that to the public?  Anyone else that does it, charged with a crime.  I for one am glad to see someone fighting back.  My guess is, and I am going to go out on a limb and predict that this case will not go forward.  The case will  be dismissed.

Until the next TSA breach, which should be very soon, probably before the end of July, I still believe the slogan “Ban the TSA”.    


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