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Book Review: “A Renegade History of the United States”

Thaddeus Russell the author of “A Renegade History of the United States” gives us a unique view of American history by showing that many of our political and social freedoms were driven mainly by the out castes of our society such as brothel owners, slaves, and many of the drunken lowlifes of all races that frequented the taverns of the early colonial coastal towns.
He shows us the incredible openness of mix racial couples even in southern towns such as Charleston and the wild drunkenness and dancing that was taking place side by side with the devout religious traditions of the time.
He writes that these hard drinking working class folks would not work on Saturdays and of course Sundays thus giving us the concept of the weekend, a freedom we take for granted.
He deals with controversial stereo types of slavery that may not be politically correct but are extremely well cited. He points out that the concept of the vacation may well have evolve from the runaway slave, another freedom we take for granted.
He notes that the women’s movement was led by powerful women brothel owners throughout the developing western towns of the old west such as Denver, Kansas City, and San Francisco and that these women paved the road the women’s rights movement. One San Franciscan cathouse owner pour thousands of dollars of aid into her earthquake stricken town in 1906.
Russell was raised by parents who were communists but claims today he has rejected his childhood brainwashing and is libertarian in his political views which give his writing a nice flare for a book like this.
Paul Locke
Mr. Locke joins the Ingleside Topix team this week. He teaches High School history and is an avid reader of not only history books, but a political street fighter.


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