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Defense Cuts-Dangerous?

Lately I have been reading various news articles about deep defense spending cuts.  Some of the articles seem to relish the idea and others seem to joyful about it.  I, for one, am not either joyful or relishing this cut.  For a couple of reasons of which I will expand upon.  I do not lay this blame at Obama’s feet alone, I also include the Bush administration in this, and I would also include the Clinton administration.

I think that as this country is just coming out of fighting 2 major conflicts-Iraq and Afghanistan, it would seem to me that the U.S. military is in need of rest and retrofit equipment and re arm itself.  While the defense cuts seem to be well-meaning, one would wonder what effect this has had on our strategic forces, that is our nuclear deterrence.  While it is true the Obama administration has revealed some secret information to the world, such as the number of U.S. nuclear warheads in our arsenal ( May 4, 2010), or the fact that the Russians and Communist Chinese (ChiComs) have yet to fully reciprocate what the President has done by giving the U.S. an accurate number of their warheads, but I am sure they do appreciate a definite number.  In case you were wondering the number as of September 2009 was 5113 warheads, not delivery systems, and the number does not include the warheads that are awaiting dismantling.

Russian ICBM

Anyway I will tell you what got me thinking about this whole subject.  I was surfing YouTube when I came across this video titled “First Strike”.  It looked like something I saw once in the TV movie “The Day After”.  Some of you will remember it as there was a big deal being made about it.  President Reagan was in the White House, daring and putting the fear of God into any country who might dare challenge this country.  The anti-nuclear peace party aka The Green party was sweeping Europe, protesting at every U.S. nuclear weapons site, The network ABC decided to film in the town of Lawrence, Kansas, home to the University of Kansas which to some seemed like a play to the liberals who demanded that the U.S. disarm itself of nuclear weapons, the media at the time decided it was not the time to actually openly throw  in with the liberals.  I have drifted off a bit but I wanted to refresh the memory of some of my readers about the what was happening at the time and I am sure I have missed many other events.  Anyway….

So I clicked on this 10 minute video and watched.  True, there were some scenes taken from this video used in the movie “The Day After”.   But that was not what struck me.  It was the end of the video and the strategy taken by the unknown enemy launching a nuclear strike upon America.  Here is the link to the video “First Strike” Before you continue reading from this point on I will call a ‘Spoiler Alert’.

At the end of the attack it appears that the unknown enemy has struck only at America’s Strategic forces, crippling them from imposing a retaliatory nuclear strike.  The unknown enemy then sends the unknown American President an ultimatum, either surrender now and they will not turn America’s urban population centers into a radioactive ashtray, or if U.S. forces strike back, the enemy will continue its nuclear attack.  The unknown American President then initiates a “stand down” of all American forces 9 minutes after the enemy delivers his ultimatum.  After all the American President being a good politician knows a good deal when he hears it.

MIRV warheads from MX missile

It is not my purpose to insinuate that President Obama would be or could be the unnamed American President  in the video.  It is the idea that cutting the budget too far could be dangerous to our very survival as a nation.  There are some out there that would say that there are enough nuclear weapons on the planet to blow it up 10 times over.  You can, of course, substitute your own number.  I would say, that unless the weapons can actually be delivered, then what use are they?  If the weapons are destroyed before they can be used, what good does it do to have 10,000 warheads?  I would say if the weapons have to be used, I say let them be detonated over the entity that struck first.  If we cut back on our strategic forces, and they are no longer a deterrent, then why even bother having them?  If it is the goal of some of our more liberal politicians to seek a more peaceful world by unilaterally disarming the U.S. by trying to show our adversaries and potential adversaries that we have no way or lack the will to defend ourselves.  The idea of cutting back on Strategic forces at a time when our conventional forces are in need of a break from 10 years of intermittent warfare all over the planet, seems to me foolhardy.  This is the time when we need to depend a bit more on our deterrence factor as a security blanket while the conventional forces take a breather.  I am not an expert in nuclear weapon planning, and weapon policy, but as an average American citizen, I wanted to put this out there.  I know there are a thousand different what-ifs and I am sure I left many of them out.  But like I said it is my blog and I will write what I want as I see it.  I do not claim to be right all the time, or even half the time, so take this as a starter to some very interesting forum material.


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