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Preppers- a new look

Yesterday, I briefly did an overview of the 21st century Survivalist, A.K.A. Prepper.  It has been my experience in the brief time that I have been an active Prepper, that Preppers come from varied, and different backgrounds.  Their reasons for being a Prepper is just as varied and different.  As I said yesterday, there are no or right or wrong reasons for being a Prepper.

The Survivalist of the 70’s and 80’s is a far cry from what we have evolved into today.  For example, in the 70’s the Survivalist was looked at as a person who was off in the wilderness, living off the land, and keeping contact with society at a minimum.  He was painted with the “extremist” brush.  The “kook” brush. The “gun nut” brush.  He was a person to be feared as he (or they) did not conform to society, and did not wish to conform to society in that he did not trust his government.  Case a point the book “The Turner Diaries“.  Anyone who knew anything about that book just knew that these were radical ideas, that the Federal government is out of control.  Remember, this was the 70’s.  And so it went, anyone who even thought about stockpiling food, weapons, ammo and living out in the “wilderness” was a definite outsider.

Then came the 80’s. I read a book series titled “The Survivalist” by Jerry Ahern.

Jerry Ahern

  I found the series to be very gripping.  In a nut shell, the main character, John Rourke, is not only a medical doctor, but a C.I.A. operative and very capable of handling anything he comes across.  The story itself opens up with him witnessing the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, followed by a limited nuclear strike on America, and a follow on Russian invasion of Amerika.    For me, this was the book that opened up the idea of being a “survivalist”.

The Survivalist book series

 Later Hollywood showed a pair of survivalist in the forms of Reba McEntire and Michael Gross in the motion picture “Tremors” released in 1990, but filmed in the 80’s.  True these characters were set to get some laughs about their lifestyle, but I think the “joke” backfired on the writers of the film.  In that when all seemed lost to the small contingent of towns people, the two survivalist just happen to have all the firepower  needed to survive and help defend the small remanent of survivors.  In my opinion, this was a turning point of the way the public (admittedly a small percentage who actually watched the movie), and perhaps the way Hollywood started to change their perception of the “survivalist” nature and persona.

Is this the turning point of Hollywood perception of survivalist?

Flash forward to today.  Since my active period of prepping began a little more than 6 months ago, I have come across many people who are of the same mindset as I am when it comes to the conclusion that our society and society as a whole across the globe is teetering on the edge.  How wide the edge is subject to speculation by all.  Some say very close and immenient, others say not for another 5-7 years, still others say 10 years out.  The speculation is as varied as our the “preppers” involved.  My friend who is a high school history teacher, and graduate of Kent State University (yes he watched the shootings from his dorm room) came to me last summer and started babbling about stock piling food and acquiring personal weapons.  I looked at him and said “You are talking about being a Survivialist.”  He said, “Yes.”  He went to ask me about what I thought.  I shared with him my limited knowledge of being a survivalist and what it entails.  I cautioned him it was more than just weapons and food stockpiling.  When we done talking about this proposition, we decided that we, had an obligation not only to ourselves but to our families as well.  The following week, we started compiling list, and acquiring supplies for cache.  As time went on he showed me the blog he had found,  He then started taking his supply cue from that blog and based the reasons on his purchases based on the blogger’s recomendations.  For those of you not famaliar with that bloger, his name is James Wesley, Rawles.  I believe he is perhaps one of the worlds foremost, if not most acknowledged, man with a plan for “How to survive the End of the World as we know it”.

How to survive the End of the World as we know it.

For those of you new to this philosophy, I highly suggest you read this book to get an overview and a start on the hows, whys of being a “Prepper”.  Anyway, I have to get back to my premise, I am suffering from “Mission Creep“.

I then proposed to him that we will need a small but trusted group of people in order to survive.  I then explained my reasons to him and suggested that we start to look for these like-minded people.  So my search began in earnest to find like-minded people.  From there on the internet is where I learned of the term “prepper”.  I have found these sites, and this one in particular, to use in recruiting prospective members for my group.  Prepper is the name of this site, here is the URL., I also registered to use my state of residence.  This too has worked as some people from the surrounding area have responded.  But I think the best way so far has been the people I have approached on person-to-person basis and just talking to them.  They all seem to have the same mindset as my history teacher friend and myself.

Their backgrounds vary as much as their careers.  They are a  business owner, a history teacher, a deputy sheriff, a court clerk, a factory manufacturer, a student, an art teacher, a bartender, These are the people that have agreed to join the group.  Other prospects are a plumber, a home school teacher, an I.T. expert.  So going back to the thesis of this blog entry, the people are as varied as the reasons and backgrounds will allow.  Having a varied background of people will give you a broad spectrum of skills and ideas and workers to help you survive an incident, and if need be, re-build.

I have discovered a site that I think has great value.  Perhaps you may have heard of it?  It is called Safe Castle.  Their URL is .  As I continued to peruse their site I saw with some astonishment that this company that willl actually build your refuge for you and install for it for you.  Of course, you will have to pay for it (unless you are an occupy protester, then you want the government to give it to you for free, which kind of defeats the purpose of the refuge if the government knows about it.).   I apologize for the dig at the Occupy protesters, I couldn’t help myself.

Before ending this edition of my blog, I want to make it clear to the reader, that I am not an expert in this field.  I do not endorse anything as too what is good or bad, only what I find to be useful to me.  I am sure there are other sites and companies out there that might do the same for less money, etc.  If you decide to become and join this lifestyle of Prepping, then you will have to do what is right for you and your family/group.   Thank you to the new people who decided they found my blog worthy of their interest and time.  I will try to keep up your interest.  Thank you again.   Until next time— Penrod


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