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Is there something we should know?

Last week I was speaking with a friend of mine, a practicing attorney, and a recovering liberal.  He has since come to his senses and realized he is a conservative.  Because of his political awakening and conversion to conservatism he is a rabid supporter of the conservative cause(s).  Kind of like how a smoker quits, then becomes a rabid anti-smoker.

Anyway,  he asked me what I was doing at my laptop, and I told him I was prepping.  He gave me a quizzical look, then I explained to him about prepping.  He responded by saying “that is not a bad idea”.  Surprised by his answer, I asked him, “What do you think?, economic meltdown or some other man-made calamity?”  He thought about for all of 2 seconds, then responded “economic meltdown”, ( it was then that the news was clearing the wires that France had just been downgraded on its credit rating).  I didn’t say anything about the French credit downgrade to him, just wanted to hear his reason.  His first reason, and the reason for the title of this blog post, was that he thinks that the economic situation is actually worse than what is being publicly acknowledged.  He said, “that he believes that the European debt crisis is far from over, and there are other countries on the brink”.  He also said he thinks that the Chinese economy is due for a slowdown, further adding to the economic misery.  (Note: As of today the Chinese have reported a reduction of their GDP, indicating a slow down in their economy.)

I thought about this conversation over the weekend, and no matter what, the question kept nagging at me.  Is there something that the governments of the world are keeping from it’s respective citizens?  Answer?  Of course they are keeping many things to themselves.  The reasons I think they are keeping it secret is because 1) they do not how to fix it, 2) they have done all they can and due to political expediency the things they can or might do, cannot be supported politically, 3) politicians, no matter where they live, are more concerned about political ideology and their retainment of power, rather than solutions. ( Solutions require integrity, even if it means the demise of their own political aspirations.)

My first inclination is that it is going to get worse.  I do not think the United States economy can whether another round of recession/depression action.  I think the U.S. banks have taken the bail-out money and propped up European banks.

Bundled dollars.

The treasury is empty, the money used to prop up the European Central Bank is gone.  I think we will start to see more back page stories in the papers about certain European banks and countries admitting that they are broke, and their economies start the dreaded tailspin, which will suck the U.S. banking system into it’s ever-expanding vortex.

So with that said, this is why I subscribe to prepping for the economic future.  If things get as bad as it did for the Weimar Republic, you will be glad you stockpiled food and water.  In some cases it might make the difference between your family eating or going without.  I did have one attorney start laughing at me when I told him what I was doing.  I just looked at him and said, “When your family is hungry and thirsty, you will remember this moment when you were warned”.  Alas his arrogance would not allow him to pause and think of the possibility of such a situation.  I would rather be wrong, and never need the supplies, till the day I die, rather than risk it all and have nothing to provide for my loved ones.

I know some Preppers who swear up and down about collecting gold and silver in coin form.  I think that when the time comes, anything that alleviates anyones hunger and thirst will be a valuable commodity and can be used in trade.  I am not disparaging anyone who does collect the coins, I am just saying, that many items will be just as valuable as gold and silver.

Until next time something of interest strikes me and I feel the need to share it.  Good prepping and Prep wisely!- Penrod


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