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Well on the personal efforts on the Prepper front, my group, small as it is, continues to prepare for a meet and greet for prospective new members here in Northeast Illinois.  Northeast Illinois is not a good place too batten down the hatches as I think we are in the path of “The Golden Horde” should the grid go belly up.  Anyway for those of you who wish to attend email me and I will send you the particulars.

On the TSA front.  I still think we need to ban the TSA.  Have thought so for quite a while.  The TSA needs to be banned and they need to start again.  The latest flap with Sen Rand has now exposed that the TSA has been manipulating the programming of the screener so as to get to an invasive pat-down search.  This in my mind is further proof that the integrity of the TSA has disintegrated.  Everything from icing on a cup cake, is really on explosive plastic to aggressive pat-downs of 6 year old girls( you know how terrifying a 6 year old girl can be), to we need to examine the diaper of an 88 year old wheel chair bound cancer patient, to just the plain silly excuses the TSA finds and gives to the public as their rationale for the behavior of its employees.  Yes, we need security, but not at the expense of common sense, personal dignity, and invasive government searches.  After all is that what the 4th Amendment is supposed to prevent?  I am so tired of hearing about the abuses of these buffoons masquerading about as airport security.  The “We will make your flight safer” mantra is b.s.  No system will be 100% secure, however, manipulating the system to target the everyday American traveler is just wrong.  Again, I suppose Janet from another planet Napolitano will find another excuse to cover these buffoons.  She always does, and the American media will shrug off this incident again.  I suggest that if this victim was a Democrat-ICK senator, the media would be all up in arms about this.  But since it is a Republican/T.E.A. party senator, oh well they will just yawn and go about their business cheering for a larger government, etc. etc., etc.

I see a judge in Georgia has re-inforced a subpoena for President Obama to appear in court to answer about his citizenship.  The judge had denied a motion from one of the Presidents many lawyers on retainer for just this purpose, to have President Obama excused from appearing.  Judge said, “No, motion denied.”  One thing that I have yet to hear anyone ask, is how a person who having never lived in Connecticut, can some how obtain a social security number issued from that state, when they have lived in only in Hawaii, and California.  It seems that the government as a whole does not want this issue to be brought to light.  After all can you imagine the consitutional Crisis that this scandal would foment?  The crisis itself would make Water Gate look like child’s play.  I also think it would destroy the Democrat-ICK party.   I think the last thing any politician, who is on the national level, would want is to see this thing come to light.  In their minds, it would further erode any remaining confidence the American public had in the Federal government.  Notice I said “politician” as opposed to “statesman”?  A real statesman or statesperson would want to have this issue explored and resolved one way or the other for the good of the country.  Politicians in general are cowards who mainly self involved in their power, and how to maintain their power.  Rarely is the politician who is able to step up to the next level of statesman, and put the good of the country, read as public, ahead of their own.  As of now, the Executive, and Legislative branches of the government all claim to be for the “every man” but in truth they are about party loyalty, and party/personal power, and their own personal wealth.  As an example, Harry Reid of Nevada, entered the senate as one of it’s poorest members, how is it now he has become one of it’s wealthiest members?  The pay for senators is not all that great.  So how did Harry Reid get his money?  I use Reid only as an example.

I see the Iranians want to continue to play with nuclear fire.  How long can the Mullahs and Ayatollahs maintain their grip on Iran, and their puppet Amindinajad?  I don’t think the masses in Iran are very happy with their government.  At some point, the Iranian power structure will order its military to close the Strait of Hormuz.  What then?  How does the world respond?  I can tell you one thing, oil prices will spike to levels that we have never seen.  I do believe the West will respond with military might, but how will the rest of the middle east respond to western military might be forced upon Iran?  True the Iranians see themselves as Persians not Arabs.  Will that self imposed description keep the other Middle East countries from going to their aid?  Will the global economy have the floor dropped out from underneath it?  Will Iran strike Israel?  If that happens, that becomes a whole new dynamic.  Could this be the event that will make us Preppers look like the geniuses?

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A few minutes after I posted this blog entry,this story crossed the wires-Preppers pay attention here-

I am not a Soros fan, but he does seem to ‘know’ things, if you get my meaning.



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