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Some Interesting Prepper Sites

As I continue my journey into the Prepper lifestyle and philosophy I have come across what seems to me an intersting collection of websites.  Some of these articles, blogs and what not seems to be written by people who have thought about their article subjects through.  I have decided to pursue my Technical license for Ham/Shortwave radio.  Just thought I would mention it.  I consider this just another basic step in my own preparations.  While doing the research for study guides for the test, and shopping for radio equipment I came across some of these sites that I have mentioned finding above.  Below I will give you the URLs for each of them.

The first I found was a communication site.  I like the idea that was presented for a network of Prepper radio sites/operators and their locations.  Their site is . As I said I like the idea, but then my penchant for operatonal security (OPSEC in prepper world parlance) kicked in, and made me re-think the whole idea.  Which brings me to this new National Geographic series “Doomsday Preppers”.  The program reveals the identity of the preppers in profile on that episode.  After thinking through the whole OPSEC thing, I have concluded this.  I do no think it matters on the whole if they know your identity or your location, though the location is named in very general terms.  I came to this conclusion because if you have prepared properly with the basics of the Prepper philosophy and lifestyle, it doesn’t make a difference if your identity is known.  There are some out there who would say the government knows.  I would offer this, they might know already, anyway, in either case, it won’t matter, because if a catastrophe or disaster soes strike, they will be to busy trying too keep things together, and the grid up and working, as opposed to track down who has supplies and who doesn’t.  Besides, preppers will be just a few more people the government will not have to take care of.  OK.  I drifted off my thesis too far today so back to the sites!

ANother site that I found useful, just signed up for it today, is The Illinois Prepper network. . They sites for all 50 sites depending on where you live or or what state you are in while reading this.  There is also the “The Prepper Coalition” and “The American Preppers Network” .  I urge to join your states network through the emailed newletters.  They do not come frequently so they are not bombarding your inbox.  Also you will have an opportunity to subscribe to other types of newletters for free.  Speaking of free, none of these sites charges anything to join.

After reading some of these newletters and blogs, I think- or so it seems, that there is an internal movement within the Prepper society to come out of the closet and start to advocate and teach Prepper philosophy to the local community inwhich we live.  I think that this is a correct course of action.  Personally, for myself, I would rather start to teach others, have calamity strike, and have a pool of some people who are or have learned the prepper lifestyle drawn from my community.  In other words, you can expand the pool of like minded people from which to recruit for your group, align yourselves if need be.  Would you rather have people who are famaliar with the philosophy or do want people who are dependent on you?  Me?, I will like the ability to draw on a pool of other respnosible people who agree with and are famaliar with the Prepper lifestyle and know what is expected of them.  That is just me.

Another thing I want to touch on for you Preppers out there who are in charge of your group, or are head of your family.  When and if the time comes, and I do not want the grid down, I would prefer it stay up cause it makes life easier, but in the face of economic meltdown all around us, I want you leaders of the Prepper cells out there to think about this.

If the time ever comes that TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan), it will be up to you to activate your plans and schemes.  Your family/group/cell will cue off of you and move in the direction that you have chosen, because the bottom line is this.  You, as leader, are more than likely the only one who has been paying attention to the circumstances of the situation now facing you and your people.  You are more than likely more well versed in the philosophy, and planning of your survival than anyone else.  I think it is naive to think that people in your group have been quite about what you and them have been up to, and I dare say the ones they told, have decided that they continue to enjoy their lifestyle like there is no tomorrow, and have decided that they will just come to you for their needs since they know what you have been planning and doing.  After all you’re friends and neighbors, and you wouldn’t turn them away.  Right?  Tell me I’m wrong about this scenario.  I’m not.  What about extended family members, like in-laws, brother and sister in-laws who live nearby?  Are you willing to make the hard decisions that affect you and your family survival?  Can you turn them away?  Can oyu lie to them and tell them you don’t have anything stocked?  Your cell and group will turn to you to make the decision and to keep them safe.  After all, isn’t this why you started to subscribe to this philosophy, to insure your family/groups survival? Can you tell your neighbor and friends that you will not or cannot give them food, water, shelter for their children at the expense of your family?  That question will arise, especially when they are losing weight, and you are not.  Are members of your group and you mentally prepared to take a human life?  If someone is attacking you because they are hungry and thirsty, are you willing to kill them to save your family from the same fate of hunger and thirst?  Or will yo break down and give them food and water?  By doing so means that the life of your supplies are now drastically reduced, thus endangering you and yours.

My point being is this, being a leader is more than just saying we have to stock this and stock that, and build this and build that.  It is accepting the responsibility for others lives and well being.  We as leaders need to evaluate our positions of trust and come to some honest answers with ourselvs and our group.


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