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It’s Rant Time.

For those of you new to this blog, “Rant Time” is when I blow off some steam about what I see going on.  It is not politically correct, it is a ‘I call it, as I see it”.  Now with that posted, let’s get on with it.

Item 1- The oil companies instantly raising the price of a gallon of gasoline in response to the Iranians announcement to cutting off its exports to France and Great Britain.  Yes at first it sounds ominous and dramatic, but after you think about, it really isn’t.  There is the same amount of oil on the market now and will be even after the Iranians cut off their exports.  There is no shortage of oil.  The Iranians have decided to find other customers for their oil.  The market will find other Iranian customers, and the French and Brits will find other sources to fill its crude orders.  There is no reason for the American oil companies to raise their prices.  American crude imports are still the same.  This is a scam make no mistake about it.  Of course both major American political parties will make the obligatory speeches condemning the American oil companies but in the end, it will be status quo, and nothing will change.  Even the mighty Barack will not be able to make the companies stand down from raping the American public at the pump.  Do not forget, the Feds and the states both have imposed gasoline taxes, some are per gallon.  So does any government entity really have the motive to change the way oil companies do business?  It is kind of like some of the cancer research organizations, and other some of the child-birth defect organizations.  I, for one, believe that they do have the cure for cancer, but because cancer treatments are such big business there is no “cure” to be had for the world.  Think of all the money for the past 30 or more years that has gone to cancer research, but curiously enough, the cure has yet to be found.  How much money has gone to other organizations with similar results.

Item 2- I am tired of the White House administration trying to make peace with those that hate us and want to destroy our country and our way of life.  Namely, the Taliban.  As of today the Pakistani military rescued some children who were being taken into Afghanistan to be suicide bombers.  How is one to reason with the this mentality to make peace and security.  Yes it has been a long war.  President Bush said so from the beginning.  I do not like the way war has been prosecuted.  I am sure there are those in the military who do not like the way the war has been prosecuted.  Just because it has been a long war is not reason enough to back down and return Afghanistan to the 12th Century goat herders.  Also I think, we have sent enough money to Pakistan.  Either they have to figure out what they need to do to secure their country from the Muzz fundamentalist, or face the possibility of a change in the Pakistani way of life.  My guess it will not be a good change.  No matter which way they go, I say enough foreign aid money has gone down the toilet in Pakistan, stop throwing good money after bad.

Item 3- Unleash Israel-enough said.

Item 4- It is high time to abolish the current tax code, and start again.  Even if it means trying a flat tax.  I don’t care, it is just that this tax code has been riddled with so many holes that it isn’t even swiss cheese.  Enough is enough.

Item 4- Ban the TSA–  We need to start again with this “agency”.  It has come to light that after repeated assurances from DHS that the body scanners will not be used to store images of the traveling public, it turns out that is exactly what has been happening at DFW airport.  I know, I know, the government has lied to the American people again. Say it isn’t so.  The TSA has been abusing travelers since its inception.  For example, what would happen if you grope a small child in public?  Answer- you are arrested and charged.  If you work for the TSA you are given a pass in the name of airline security.  Need I remind all you that the September 11 hijackers did not bring anything through security that was prohibited.  Box cutters were allowed.  Anyway, I do not have a problem with profiling racial or otherwise.  Th TSA routinely violates the rights of the American public.  They act like they are untouchable.  When the TSA is caught doing something stupid and outrageous, then DHS comes out makes some statement about how the public is overreacting to the event and they are right.  It is time for Congress to show some balls and step in and defang these people.  The acts of glaring dumbness happen at least every 2 weeks.  TSA cannot help itself.

Item 5- Eric Holder and his clan of DOJ political appointees need t be held responsible and indicted for the murders and injuries caused by Operation Fast and Furious.  If it is found to be true that the knowledge of this operation goes higher than Holder, then they too shall be tried for crimes.  I do not care if the Bush administration had a similar program, this program is the one that people have been killed over, and cover ups and delays are being used to Obstruct Justice.

Item 6-   I am tired of the real unemployment numbers being skewed at 8%, when the real number is around 15-16%.  How are the numbers being cooked?  The amount of people who have given up looking for work, and are no longer able to collect unemployment are not being reported by the White House,  True those people are not working and have given up looking for a full-time job are not considered to be unemployed.  They just do not exist in the numbers being reported by the White House.  So it may look like that the unemployment is going down, but in truth, it is actually going up.  Those people who have been cut off or used up their unemployment benefits, are not being counted.  Hence, the 8% number is skewed.

Ok that wraps it up for Rant Time.  Till next time-The Looking Glass is watching.


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