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Well once again my duties have kept me busy and I have to admit I have neglected my duties to my blog.  So tonight I will attempt to recap.

Back in March, a friend of mine decided to start our own prepper group, well actually it was more like January of 2012.  In March I decided to post a notice on the American Prepper Network site to announce the formation of a prepper group in Northeast Illinois.  I did so, not knowing who, if anyone, would reply.  Much to my surprise I did get a few replies, a few actually showed up at our first meeting.  It was disorganized as most first meetings are when total strangers get together to discuss what each one has perceived what prepping is and what it isn’t.  That first meeting was in March.  Since then we have had monthly meetings and the group has grown, even to the point where one member travels from Southeast Wisconsin to participate.  Our meetings are no longer called meetings, but now is referred to as ‘training’.  So far we have trained on what to pack ina proverbial “go bag” and why some items belong, and some do not.  We have also trained in basic would identification, and how and when to stitch a wound.  This month we will be doing training on land navigation.  Without the GPS.  I will be teaching how to use a lensatic compass and orient it to a map.  I found a good training map of our immediate area and set the scale to 1:10,000 so as to make land mark identification easier and teach how to shoot an azimuth.  I found the map at

I have appointed a member whose hobby is ham radio, he is now our group commuication officer, he also has combat experience so he will double as a tactical officer.  I have another member who is what I call a Base Officer.  His duties include improving any site that we may have to use as a bug-out site, bug-in site, or any other structure so it can be adopted for group use.  He was chosen because of his construction knowledge and skills.  I have also appointed another member as my administrative assistant, because no one can really handle all the details by themselves.  I also added a Group Strategy Council made up of the original members of the group to decide and recommend goals and actions for the group.  The group is now getting emails from others in the area who wish to join us, so I decided to come up with a “What is expected of you, and what you can expect from us” handout.  We are also trying to get organized from a supply point of view, so we are looking for a supply officer, who can guide members as to what the group expects as a basic supply cache, so that way the group will know what we have on hand should we need to call up and make any type of move.

I want to get this out and straight so no one misunderstands Ingleside Echo.  1) We do not advocate the overthrow of the government, 2) We want the grid to stay up, 3) We are a miltia, nor do we want to be one, 4) Yes our group will have firearms and other defensive weapons, our goal is to keep what is ours. 5) is my personal belief, and that is we must one prepare of ourselves first, family second and outsiders third.  I think we have a moral obligation to teach and help others help themselves.

One of our main goals is to reach out to other prepper groups and start a mutual support network in Illinois, and other places.  I would like to have those that live far from us, but come to our meetings and become a member of our group, then go out and start their own prepper group in their town, or their little corner of God’s country.

The group continues to grow and that is promising.  As for my friend who I talked about getting a group started, well he has kind of dropped off the radar.  I have talked to him a few times and I get the feeling he is not up to speed on what prepping is and is laboring under some common misconceptions about what-if.  Almost seems anti-thetical to the whole prepper mode.

Until next time-


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