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Echo update

It has been awhile since I blogged, so here is my update.  Echo group continues to grow, though I did I have an interesting email from a couple in a nearby town that wanted to “join a local militia“.  I informed her that Echo group was not a militia and we had no goal to become one.  I explained to them that we are a prepper group, not a militia group and that there is a difference.  That we are not the type of group they were looking to join.  The response was pointed, I was informed that what we are doing wouldn’t work, and that they and others would do “our work” for us.  At which point, I thanked her for her interest.  I guess my point is this,  the prepper groups around the country can and will be hijacked (for lack of a better word) by those that really don’t share your groups goals.  If a prepper group does become a militia type organization, I define militia as a group advocating the overthrow of the government, will definitely be on the DHS watch list and all associated with that group branded as domestic terrorist.  As head of Ingleside Echo I would just prefer to stay off their radar, and if unable to do so, allow others on their radar to fly higher and be more of a concern to them than my little group.  Anyway, onto other subjects.

The group has recently acquired ham radios.  We have invested in what our Communications Officer determined to be the best out there for our purposes.  We bought  Yaesu FT-2900R/E radios.  We bought these radios because we can use them as a base station radio and if the need to get out arises they can be easily be moved into a vehicle that has been prepped for them, that is the bracket and antenna connections are already installed and just has to be plugged in.  We bought them from Amateur Electronic Supply.  We also selected for our mobile antenna, the Comet CP-5M universal mount with the Comet SS680SB antenna, for the base station antenna we selected the Comet GP-1 DualBand 146/446 MHz.  Both are available from Universal Radio.  Now for a bit of news from the world of Ham radio.  The FCC has released these frequencies, refered to as MURS, for use by the public, without needing a HAM license.  The frequencies are 154.820, 151.890, 151.940, 154.570, 154.600.  Murs is an acronym for Multi-Use Radio System.  To read up here is a link to your reference.  I will be taking my HAM radio technician license exam in August.  The fee is $14 for the test, but once I pass it, and I will, then I can use more than just those frequencies cited above.  As previously mentioned in other blogs, communication is going to be very important, during and after an event, and Ingleside Echo believes that these radios will fulfill that need for the group.  Our Communication Officer has over 30 years in HAM radio, so we trust his choices.  When he speaks about HAM and equipment, we take his word as gospel!

I also found a new supplier of weapons for Ingleside Echo.  Yes. we believe in weapons.  Our group will protect what is ours, and our way of life should the grid go to ka-ka.  I urge you to give these people a look over.  Surplus Ammo & Arms.  I think that as far as I can tell they have the best prices on rifles.  I looked all over the net to find the best prices that are reasonable for the rifles I wanted.  Of course. that is just my opinion.

The training we had for Land Navigation went well.  Wasn’t as attended as I had hoped, but then again, I look at it like better to learn it now, than try to learn it under pressure and on the fly.  Yes I realize that land navigation is not the most exciting issues to be learned, but it is a necessity when GPS may not be available.

I have recently asked all group members to prepare an inventory of their supply cache, as it will help each member determine what is lacking in their supply cache.  It is important to prep and cache, but it has to be done intelligently.

I did catch some grief about my last post, namely about revealing our location.  My argument consisted of who cares if they know are location?  By the time the golden horde comes to our area, we will be long gone.  We won’t be here, we will be somewhere else.  And that is not what I am willing to reveal!

As for operational plans, we have developed, or are developing, 3 phases.  This much I will share with you.  1) Prepping and supplying, 2) Correlation of members and supplies when the ka-ka comes down, 3) Moving to our secure site when the time comes to move-going into security mode.  I would urge readers of this blog to come up with a similar plan of action with your group.  As noted before in other posts, if you don’t team up with other people of like mind, when are you going to sleep and live?  No one can stay awake forever.  When you are sleeping or doing other chores, who will stand watch?  Ok enough preaching to the choir.  Hope to hear from some of you soon.–Looking Glass


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