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Prepper Update from Ingleside

I do hope your summer is going as planned.  Summer is a good time to continue planning, prepping and training.  Training is better in the summer, however, any Prepper worth his salt will plan for inclement weather.  Training in inclement weather sucks.  There is no guarantee that WTSHTF it will be in the Summer.  So it does behoove one, especially group trainers to plan some training in the fall and winter outside.  It is better to train when you have the luxury of time, and the grid is up.  Trying to train or tell others how to perform a specific task while under pressure or worse, under the gun of a grid down situation is not only ineffective, but can be hazardous to the group and its members.  Hence that is why we did Land Navigation, the task are simple enough to perform, but trying to teach it under pressure and on the move is not a good idea.

For those of you looking to get your HAM radio license, I refer you to this website  I used this site to prepare for my Tech test, and when it came to the test, I only missed one question.  So I am a believer in this site.  Once again I cannot emphasize enough the importance of communication not for within the group, but for reaching out to the outside world.  News from the outside world will be important for everyone’s mental health.  Not knowing can increase the fear factor and the onset of anxiety from within the group.  There are a myriad of other reasons for having a communication apparatus in place for your group.  I recommend a ham radio, and a citizen band (CB) radio for group members.  Both have their uses.  Echo group also has the FRS radios for inter group communication when moving or in a static position.

I did find something interesting the other day.  It is called a Faraday bag.  You read that right.  Faraday




OK lastly, there has been much discussion in group about obtaining prescription drugs for stockpiling.  I have found a solution.  The website is  I like this company because they obtain the drugs from Indian pharmacies and labs that operate under the same guidelines and regs that US labs and pharmaceuticals operate.  The price is right as well.  There are some who might object but the government has stockpiled its own cache of prescription drugs for years, but we the citizens are unable to do the same thing.  I will be ordering and caching the drugs my family needs and uses.

That’s it for now keep training, keep prepping!!-Looking Glass


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