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Well here I sit again looking at the devastation brought on by Sandy.  I re-read my earlier post “Just Thinking Prepper Thoughts” that I posted a few days ago, and comparing what I wrote with what I see tonight from the hurricane zone.  I have concluded that I have decided correctly in becoming a ‘Prepper’.

I ask those of you who are not sure about prepping to consider this scenario.  Imagine what your neighbors and friends will act like if they become deprived of no electricity, clean water, readily available food, shelter.  The experts predict that should clean water, food and electricity supplies become either short on supplies or non existent, they say that within 72-96 hours (for those of you who hate math that would be 3-4 days) those friends and neighbors will resort to violence to procure those supplies they think they need for their own family and loved ones.

We see long lines of people waiting for gasoline, food, water with some reports of people “dumpster diving” looting starting to become a problem ( but there are effective ways to deal with looters, and it starts with the Second Amendment).  How would you, the few people who actually prepped before hand, handle the above mentioned situation?  How much of your supplies would you be willing to share with others?  What would you be willing to do insure your family’s safety and well being?  You are the only person who can answer those and related questions.  But the first question is “When will you start to prep?”  “When will you stop caring about what your family and friends and neighbors think of you when they learn of your prepping intentions?”

Do you think those suffering in the hurricane zone will ever again allow themselves to be put into this situation again?  Sadly, the vast majority will not learn from this experience, and they will recover and within a year they will continue living the lifestyle they were before the storm, thinking either a) this won’t happen again, or b) the government will take care of us.  Perhaps we as preppers should think of this; “How is it the Government has all these supplies to dole out to the victims?”  Answer:  They prep and stockpile supplies too!  So that begets this question:  “Why aren’t you prepping too?”

Remember for those of you have prepped, you are ahead of 94% of the general population that hasn’t done any prepping.  So keep up the prepping, and get your neighbors and friends involved in prepping.  Getting others involved and forming your own group is a good way to accumulate supplies quickly.  Until next time, keep the storm victims in your prayers.- conelrad



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