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Now It Begins

By now most of you who have been following the activities in the disaster zone on New York City and New Jersey can see what happens to people when they become desperate.  Desperate for food, water and shelter, and especially gasoline.  As of yesterday I was able to monitor reports of firearms being brandished in the long lines to obtain fuel.  Sure there are some reports of some people banding together to share what they have, but how long before those arrangements break down?

If anything this whole incident shows why it is important to start to adopt a “Prepper” lifestyle.  This is what happens when people rely on the government to be there to assist them.  I’m not saying that the government is doing a bad job, but the government rarely if at all does anything good.  They just can’t do it.  This is not what the government does well.  They try, but the government is too big and bloated to do anything efficiently.  More often than not, it doesn’t know what the right and left hand is doing and generally gets caught up in its own red tape, thus tripping over its own feet.  Yes the government is a bumbler.  They mean well, but it rarely works out well.  When this is all said and done, the money spent on this disaster will be unknown because they cannot possibly keep track of all the monies spent. Enough said about the government effort, my readers get the idea.  I will not go into what I think about those people who did not evacuate after being told to do so.  You reap what you sow.

OK back to my premise of adopting the “Prepper” lifestyle.  I am sure that there are some people in the disaster zone that are preppers.  I would be interested in knowing how they are faring as opposed to those who did not and do not prep.  I did post on my Twitter account about how to make sure your vehicle does not get stuck in sand.  For those of you who do not follow my twitter (and I don’t blame you for not following me, I’m not all that interesting anyway) I will repost it here in the hopes that somehow it will make it to those who need the advice.  Before the the 1973 Yom Kippor War, the Israeli army had come up with a solution to the problem that had vexed them and the Arab armies.  The solution they came up with was to deflate the tires so that the tires have a “soft” inflation.  By letting the air out of the tires, it enabled more of tire tread and vehicle weight to “grip” the sand.  During the 1973 war the Israeli army was able to move much more quickly across the desert without getting their vehicles stuck in the sand, when they didn’t use any of the roads, which were few in the Sinai.

I was able to look at my wife last night while she was watching the televised concert benefit, and see the look in her eyes as she saw the pictures of the devastation, and the reaction of the victims of being transported to living conditions of the 1800’s.  I said to her, “Now do you understand why it is important that we prep?” She nodded and said, “Yes.”  I told her that I didn’t think that we would face a hurricane, but perhaps an earthquake, tornado, or even a man-made event.  I am glad she saw that the government intervention is feeble at best, at this time.  WIth that few moments in time I was able to make my case to my wife who before hand was not quite the true believer in prepping, but I think now she  fully understands what it is we are trying to accomplish.  With that understanding comes more ease at purchasing supplies for our cache.

The point of this blog entry is that if you have a significant other, and they are not really sure of why it is you are prepping, you can use the hurricane zone and the victims behavior to justify and demonstrate the need for prepping.

I would like to know how many people after reading this and other affiliated blogs, after seeing the storm victims and their circumstances will now start their own preparations, and become a “prepper”?

Until next time, keep on prepping-conelrad




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2 thoughts on “Now It Begins

  1. I’ve been a prepper for years as it’s always better to be prepared for what might happen instead of having to scrounge around last minute for items you should have had prepared all along 🙂


  2. True True True


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