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A Few Thoughts On Knife Attacks and Defense

Tonight I read a blog entry by a blog friend of mine (I hope he considers me a friend) in which he talks about surviving attacks.  If you would like to read it, click here.  As I replied to to his blog to make a comment, it got me to thinking about other tactics.

For example, something we as Preppers need to keep in mind is the always surprising blade attack, aka knife attack.  When training your group, or yourself, bear in mind that there is no such thing as a “safe” distance.  There is however a reaction distance.  For those of you who are not sure what it is, here it is.

A minimum reaction distance to a knife or blade attack is about 21′.  It is has been shown over over again, that an attacker can cover that distance of 21′ in less time than it takes for you to draw your firearm and get off one (1) shot.  Generally that reaction distance can be covered in less than 2 seconds.  That 1 shot will not be aimed well, but will more than likely strike somewhere around the the lower legs to the thigh region. If you can hit the target at all.  After all your attacker will be moving forward towards you.

A tactic that can work for you is this.  As the attacker runs towards you, you will have to literally run backwards to gain space and time,  and draw your weapon, aim and get your shots off, as the attacker gets within 5-7′ you will have to step off the line of attack at a 45 to 90 degree angle, while shooting the attacker.  As you practice this manuever, you will see that the attacker can adjust his line of attack to compensate for your move, so you might have to execute another angle step off.  All the while you have to continue to engage with your firearm.  If you practice this with paint balls or simunitions, you will start to see your “rounds” impacting from around the lower legs, and up towards the torso on your attacker.  Why?  Because that is you, reacting to the attack, and you are starting to shoot, before you actually get your weapon up to the proper line of sight.  Now bear in mind, no tactic is 100%, there is always the possibility of you missing your target, the attacker recovering faster and re adjusting from your “L” manuever as you get off his line of attack, and you getting stabbed or sliced. 



There are many people out there who regulary practice with knives, who are very good.  There are also people out there who practice drawing their weapons from their holster getting off one shot.  Again, they too are very good.

There are also a multitude of martial arts defense forms against the knife/blade attack.  These useful art forms are only as good as the person who actually practices the art form.  That is, they are students of the art form and have practiced many hours in the mauevers of disarming techniques.  I am not advocating any particular martial art, merely pointing out that many martial arts have addressed this type of attack and defense.

I do not pretend that I am an expert, but thought that I would I bring this tactic to light.  As it will hopefully get some group trainers and individuals thinking about a how to defend against a weapon that is in every house in America, and probably the world.   Should the SHTF, you can bet there will be knives being employed in a defensive and offensive manner.

Until next time-keep on prepping-conelrad


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