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Is Rome Burning?

As the Federal government nears the “fiscal cliff” I have to wonder just what kind of “fix” is being considered.  Don’t you?  I mean this solution was dreamed up by the buffoons in Washington who continue to run amok with spending our hard earned cash.  While I don’t relish the idea of higher taxes, but if it comes down to that, there must be spending cuts.  It seems to this writer that entitlement spending is out of control.  While I think that it is important to give our fellow citizens a helping hand in an economy that they had no hand in creating.  I also think that there are plenty of people who have decided that they will make living off the government a generational thing.  I must ask this question, “When is enough, enough of a helping hand?”  At some point, and I think we have reached it, this country will hit the tipping point where the ‘takers’ outnumber the ‘makers’.  If it hasn’t already happened, then it is surely just around the corner.  After that tipping point is reached it is just a matter of when, not if, we ALL feel the burden of a crushing deficit, crushing taxes, no way to pay our taxes, no way to afford decent housing, no decent liviable wage earning jobs available, prices so far out of whack that our country will resemble the Wiemer Republic.

I know that many people are disappointed with the past election.  I say this, “It doesn’t matter who the president was going to be, this financial crisis will come to pass during this presidential term.  Is this going to be the financial meltdown that we as Preppers have always feared?”  If it is, I ask this, “How do Preppers respond to this kind of a situation?”   I have yet to meet any Prepper who is independently wealthy.  All the ones I have met, including those in my group, Ingleside Echo, are working men and women who have been prepping on a budget.  I know I, myself, am not as ready as I would like/want to be.  So how does the working prepper get ready?

Meanwhile, as ObamaCare becomes closer everyday as a reality.  Half of Washington says it wants to create jobs (which by the way is not a job of government), and the other half says that we must have ObamaCare. Private industry is starting to layoff thousands of workers so that they can pay the increased taxes for this wonderful feel good, but sucks in reality POS legislation.  Does anyone see this as government working against itself?  Meanwhile Unions have decided to tell their members to go on strike against their employers in this economy, then are shocked and appalled when the company says that they have to shut down, so whereas you had a job, now you have none.   Thank you Unions! Now they can also join the ever increasing rolls of citizens living off the government.  Does it make you think that perhaps there is a conspiracy at work here?  If I have to explain it to you, then you probably wouldn’t agree with me anyhow.

So as the Federal government works against itself for the supposed good of the American people, I ask, “Is Rome burning?”

Is Rome burning?

Is Rome burning?

Until next time -Conelrad


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