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Be Safe, Be Vigilant, Be Alert

I think the points brought up in this blog should be kept in mind when /while prepping-conelrad


When a SHTF scenario occurs; it is of paramount importance that you have planned accordingly, beforehand, how to deal with the circumstances that such an event will trigger.  The following are some things that you need to consider before a SHTF scenario occurs.

  • There will not be enough resources or emergency personnel to look after everyone.  You will be responsible for your own survival so do not expect rescue.  It will be an added bonus if rescue occurs but do not count on it.
  • Have a safe, secure, defendable location available to you.
  • Keep a low profile.  Avoid main roads if you must travel.
  • Authority figures are not to be trusted.  In a panic scenario society’s rules are quickly forgotten and some of those who would normally protect you, in a civilized time and place, can no longer be relied upon to do so.  Some military and police may devolve into…

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