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Negotiating With A Gun To Your Head

As I have been following the latest Israeli offensive to halt unguided rocket attacks into Israel, something occurred to me.  Well a few things did.

The first thing I noticed was that the world-wide main stream media (MSM) have only been showing a majority of their pics/videos of Palestinian “victims” of Israeli air strikes, yet for the past few years they have not shown or reported on the Israeli victims of Hamas attacks.  Why?  I think it is important to remember that the Palestinians in Gaza chose to elect and support a Hamas based government, while the Palestinians on the West Bank chose to elect the Palestinian Authority to represent them.  I have not seen any reports of rocket attacks coming from the West Bank.  Hamas is supported and funded by the maniacs in Tehran, with the now complicit support of their minions in Egypt, who have allowed those funds and weapons to transverse the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza.

Hamas readying rockets for attack on Israel


Second thing I thought about is this, Why does Israel have to negotiate with people who have attacked them?  Negotiate what?  I mean if someone attacks you and wants to take your wallet with your money, why would you as a victim have to negotiate with your attacker to keep your wallet?  Should you not have the right to fight back, kick your attackers ass, and keep your wallet?  Or should you have to negotiate with the attacker to keep what is yours?  On the other hand if you have concealed carry in your state, this problem of negotiating becomes moot.

If that example doesn’t work for you, how about this one?  I live in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois, and State of Wisconsin is about 10 miles north of me.  Wisconsin decides to send rocket attacks into the Democratic Republic, the reason for the attacks is that Illinois is controlled by a political party that taxes its citizens heavily, Wisconsin says it wants to liberate those tax burdened people, so they send rockets into the Peoples Republic,  does Illinois have the right to fight back to defend itself, or must it negotiate with Wisconsin to end the attacks?  Does Wisconsin then have the right to claim it is the helpless victim of Illinois when Illinois strikes back?

Rocket ranges

Must Illinois negotiate an end to the rocket attacks with a gun to its head?  Should anyone be coerced into negotiating anything in this manner?  If it does, does this not guarantee that the attacker will again use this tactic for gain?  An attacker will only become emboldened to do it over and over again, unless the attacker is left so devastated that they will think twice or thrice before engaging in this type of behavior.

Israel should immediately reward the West Bank for being a good neighbor, thus putting the Hamas-led Gaza strip in an intolerable position with its own people.  Hopefully the pressure would be great enough that the Palestinians in Gaza will toss Hamas out.  On the other hand if they choose to keep with Hamas then they need to share the punishment of their leaders.

I am also sick and tired of giving money to Egypt.  The people there decided to elect the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that does not share western democratic values, and instead embraces Sharia law, guaranteeing that women will not have equal treatment under the law in Egypt. 

It is high time that the United States stop supporting or giving loans to governments that are openly hostile to and do not share our ideals.   Perhaps the Bush doctrine is correct, either you are with us, or against us.  If that be the case, then our money and food is not good enough for you.

Here is a radical idea, and it has been floated before, The United States should implement this standard of trade with oil producing countries that sell their oil to the United States, that the cost of a barrel of oil will be tied to the cost of a bushel of grain, and other food.  For example, if a barrel of oil cost $85.50, then a bushel of grain will cost $85.50 in trade.  As it stands now the American farmer feeds the world, and should be compensated accordingly.  No country will be forced to buy our grain, but the US can produce its own oil, and we should.  This country has enough people that go hungry everyday, it is time we start to care for our own people first before worrying about people from other countries who do not share our values.

OK, I have gotten a little off track from my original premise,  Curse you ‘Mission Creep’!

Till next time, keep prepping -conelrad


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