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Try Telling That To Your Friends

As a Prepper, I have come across some people, many friends, who think I have really went off the deep end when I answer the proverbial question from them ,”So whats new?” or “What have you been up to lately?”  I answer “I have become a Prepper.”  The looks on their faces say it all, mostly the eyes roll (like a shark feeding on a seal) followed by their quip “Oookkaayyy.”  Closely followed by them going off to talk with someone else.  I just sigh and think to myself, “Oh well, another victim.” and I go my way.  On a few instances, some have actually asked me “Why?” and that is soon followed up by other questions.  Some actually think it over, others then go their own way, and will probably never bring it up to me again.

Family.  Another animal for sure but just as doubtful as your friends.  The only thing about the family is that you will get an honest conversation and evaluation from them on your activity and mental state.  My response is that if TSHTF (the shit hits the fan) you all will be knocking on my door for food, water, shelter.  I do ask them if they would like to contribute to the supply cache then they will be able to partake in it if that situation arises.  Mostly they say “No.” or “I would like to, just can’t afford right it right now.”  For those family and friends that give the money or lack of it answer I tell them “You buy a little at a time.”  Mostly they just dismiss what I have offered to them.

Now for those of you that lead your own prepper group, this presents a dilemma.  Even if you have no group affiliation just you and your family, How do you, or will you, treat your family and friends when they come a-knocking?  A difficult decision, to be sure.  Do you risk you and your family’s/group’s survival by sharing your limited supplies with those who have contributed nothing to the supply cache,openly mocked you and discredited you, or do you tell them to keep on moving down the road?  Do you decide to take in those souls?  What about Adults? Children? or how about your Parents?  How about this, separate the children from the adults?  No?  What about taking those who have a skill that you or your group lacks?  Will religious views influence your decision?  What about lack of religious views?  Political views?  If something does happen, remember most water supplies will be consumed by those who lacked the forethought, to be exhausted within 72-96 hours.  Thirst will drive most people to violence before the lack of food.  thCAFD6PDB

This is something that I have prepared myself to answer and carry out.  Likewise other leaders of groups will be faced with the same question(s) long before any type of government assistance will arrive, if there is any government to give assistance.  Don’t forget the Golden Horde will be out scavenging the countryside looking to consume and accumulate stocks by taking them from others.  thCAL9K931

Like I said, Try telling this to your friends and family.  Until next time–Keep Prepping-ConelRad


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