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The Flames Are Getting Higher

As we get closer to the Fiscal Cliff I wanted to revisit the subject again.

It appears more likely that we are all going to be paying more taxes, as I said in an earlier post.  For some people they think this is fine, they are willing to pay more taxes.  If the taxes are raised on the wealthy, it should be noted that the additional funds will only fund the government for 8 days.  Thats it.  8 days.  What should happen is that all loopholes need to be closed, for all tax paying entities.  That in of itself will bring in the additional needed revenue.  On the other hand, the Federal government is like a passel of pigs feeding at the trough.  That is, it will never be enough.  It never is enough.  The government just continually keeps taking in more money and spending it foolishly.  Like the pigs at the trough, the politicians continue feeding at the trough of the treasury, spending it all on pet projects all in an effort to get re-elected, no matter what the cost.  We have reached a tipping point where the public realizes that they can continue to get government hand outs by voting for the pigs that will empty the treasury, who will then dole it out to the very people who have made it a generational lifestyle who live off of the government.  We  are faced with a government that refuses to pass a budget.  Millions of American families and individuals must have a budget in order to survive fiscally.  Yet the federal government has not had any type of budget for 4 years.  They just keep collecting higher taxes, and spending what they don’t have.  Can you spend money that you don’t have?  The government does it. Yet there is never any consequences for their irresponsible behavior.  You do the very thing the government does and see what happens to you.

With that said, I would suggest to all, you best start prepping for a fiscal collapse, it is coming as sure as the sun rises in the morning.  There is only so much money that can be printed before it is deemed worthless.  The credit rating for the country will be downgraded again to the detriment of everyone.  The Makers and the Takers will both be impacted, make no mistake.  A dollar taxed will be just as worthless as a dollar doled out.


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3 thoughts on “The Flames Are Getting Higher

  1. Falling over the fiscal cliff unfortunately might be what is needed to get people to see the light.


  2. The fall will impact the lower incomes. So in oreder for some in DC who are eager to soak the rich will end up hurting the very ones who voted for them.


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