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A Blow To The Peoples Democratic Republic of Illinois (ILL-Annoy)

Today a Federal Appeals court struck down the Illinois law banning concealed carry.  Good!  Now the Peoples Deputies in the Illinois legislature have 180 days to re-write their decree that will allow concealed carry.  However, I am sure that somehow those buffoons in Springfield will try to work it so that it will be a long drawn out process in order to get a concealed carry permit, meanwhile, the criminal element will continue preying upon the sheep of ILL-Annoy, and obtaining a firearm at will.

Tomorrow, the shrill squealing of the gun control lobby will be in full swing, bemoaning the future of the republic, while in reality they are screeching about the end of their vision of a weapons free utopia. (Guess what guys, ya gotta get real jobs. No more begging for money for your utopia)

I often have wondered just how many of the gun control lobby actually carry a concealed weapon themselves, or for that matter, anyone who believes in gun control.  Haven’t you wondered?

My point is this, I would rather have the option to have a weapon on me, not need it, than need it, and not have it.

What say you?


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