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My Take On The Fiscal Cliff Re-Visited

On November 28 I published the original of this article.  Since then it has come to pass that America is in deep trouble. Deep as in “Fundamental” type trouble.  Not only have the easily fooled returned Obama and his crew of miscreants to the White House, but the Dems seem intent on changing our Constitution.  They want to neuter the Second Amendment, but if they are successful in doing so, it will weaken the Constitution as a whole, just as the War Between The States did for the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.  There are two basic concepts not being taught in high school Civics classes.

The first being that the cornerstone  of our republic is the concept of Private Property, that is, in our Republic, the citizens of this country actually can and are encouraged to own a piece of this country (real estate), and in doing so gives the individual a reason to participate in the governing of this country, and in doing so puts the success of this country and it’s future in the hands of it’s citizenry, thus the idea of if the country fails, we all fail.  However the events of the past 4 years by this administration have put us all at risk.  The governing philosophy of this President, is that the Federal government should be the caretaker of every citizen, from cradle to grave.  No more exceptional individualism, but a mediocre mass of people just getting by on the dole of the government.  Those that agree to this arrangement, are treated well by the system, those that refuse to go along with the program, will be branded as “Enemies of the State”, and will be treated accordingly.

The second concept is that the Second amendment helps to keep all the others legal.  The Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom, saw how government keeps on growing, and usurps the basic rights of human beings, reducing all to the level of serfdom.  There is no future in serfdom.  Even though the Founders created the Federal government, they knew that sooner or later it would attempt to grow beyond its originally created purpose.  Given the technology that was available in their time, they decided that they would entrust the future of the country to its citizenry to safeguard their original intent.  That technology was the black powder musket.  They figured that an armed citizenry was the best defense against an all-powerful central government, that the citizens would have a self interest in preserving their own freedom.  Today the political masters in Washington DC are so concerned about re-election, and being labeled, and excoriated in the Press, that they have forgotten their sworn duty to the good of the country, not the good of the political party or political ideology.

Today their nightmare of an overbearing central government has come to fruition.    What they didn’t count on was the plague of Liberalism and all its degrading qualities, where the idea of mediocrity is acceptable, responsibility for the everyday decisions of ones life is given to the central government to decide who gets what and when according to the will of a nameless bureaucrat.  The individual is subjugated to the will of  “fairness” for all.   This selfishness has now come home to roost in the form of ObamaCare, the Fiscal Cliff crap sandwich that only half of us will have to eat, since the other half don’t pay any taxes.  Why don’t they pay any thing?  Because they are entitled.  Entitled to do nothing with their lives except that which benefits themselves, no requirement to do anything for society, because society “owes” them.   Those of us who have made good decisions in our lives, must now pay for those that have done nothing except take and take and take.  If the Takers don’t like what is given to them, then they have a right to take, by force if necessary, whatever they think they are entitled from other Takers or from the Makers, those that actually do something for their country and society in general.

Yes, Life is unfair, No one owes you anything.

It is in the Federal Government‘s interest to ban ALL firearms.  This administration has taken its cues from other governments that banned individual firearm ownership.  Such as Stalin in the former Soviet Union, Hitler in Nazi Germany, Mao in Red China.  Some states such as Illinois (ILL-ANNOY) are also considering banning ALL firearms.  The first step is forcing all gun owners to register their weapons, because once they are registered, then the government can identify where to go to confiscate those firearms.  Registering is the first step that seems so “reasonable”.  Who could possibly object to this? Right?  Don’t fall for it.  It is but the first step in Confiscation.  An unarmed citizenry is the best kind of citizenry to enforce total government rule.  If it does come to Gun Ban, I will  become a criminal, as it seems only criminals have guns.



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