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gun-glockGood Evening fellow Preppers.

I just wanted to touch base with some of you have noticed that it is has become nearly impossible to acquire reasonably priced 30 round or higher magazine capacity.  The reasons are fairly obvious.  First the Obama administration attempt at a gun grab, making the President the Greatest Gun Salesman this country has ever produced, and that includes Sam Colt.  By the Federal Governments actions at trying to limit the Second Amendment it has had huge unintended consequences.

Second, it has re vitalized the NRA membership rolls, and has added to their political clout as their new member rolls were/have been increasing at 8000 members a day.  The high capacity magazines now have over a million of them on back order.  Gun sales have soared as a national panic sets in and law abiding citizens try to scrounge to obtain the PMAG magazines.  Did you notice the “law abiding citizens” in the previous sentence?

It’s there because any gon control law passed any where at any time has only punished law abiding citizens.  The criminals don’t care about gun control laws, hence why they are called “criminals”.

My mantra that “No gun control law anywhere, ever saved anyone.”  Yes gun control laws make you feel all warm and fuzzy, however the reality is criminals will still obtain firearms, and use them in their evil deeds.  Gun control laws do not save anyone. That is reality.

Meanwhile, law abiding citizens, will continue to be their victims and government will continue to spout how guns are evil, nevermind the people who commit the crimes.  The gun does not inspire evil.  People inspire evil.  The gun is an inanimate object. It exerts no influence, good or evil, upon any human being.


Now for the crux of this article.  Preppers need to be buying as many of these hi-capacity magazines as you can, as soon as you can.  The same goes for firearms.  Get them as soon as you can.  Ammunition?  The same.  Get as much as you can before the government places prohibitive taxes upon it.  I would limit all food and water purchases in exchange for gearing up.

Therein lies the probable avenue for the federal government.  Limited ban, but huge prohibitive taxes on ammunition, firearms, etc.  They will use the tax for a de facto ban, hoping that citizens will be limited in the exercise of their second amendment rights by the cost of exercising this fundamental right of citizenship of this country.

Until next time- and immediately prep now on an emergency basis as the Feds contemplate a national gun grab -conelrad


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