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Now that President has committed the sin of issuing edicts just like a dictator, we, as Preppers, have options.  Lets first look at what might happen based on todays events.  The American public in an effort to appear reasonable, approves of the idea of extensive background checks.  That is the first step.  So background checks begin.  All goes well, until there is another tragedy.  A mass shooting occurs.  The Federal government along with its Liberal lackeys see that this is a time to further the idea of a gun free utopian society, so they poke and prod, and provoke to work their way to a new phase, Federal gun registration.  No one wants to appear unsympathetic to the victims and the media continues its assault on anyone who does not agree with those plans.  Eventually those that tried to withstand the further encroachment upon the 2nd Amendment, collapse.  So now we have Federal Gun Registration.  Probability says that there will be yet another active shooter incident.  So now the Feds push the idea that in order to stop the “madness” the government must control all firearms,especially rifles, shotguns.  So the government introduces a Federal Gun Confiscation program.  The Feds raid all the States licensure files and archives and begin to go door to door demanding the firearms of all law abiding citizens, what happens next?

Well, here is what I think our options will be; Option 1-Preppers, Conservatives, Hunters, Sportsmen/women, begin to band together, to actively resist any Federal agents coming to confiscate their weapons.  Shots are exchanged, dead, wounded on both sides.  The gun fight spreads across all news wire services, the word gets out across the country.  Soon other citizens also begin to band together and refuse the order to give up their firearms to the government. Federal Law Enforcement agents find themselves outgunned and outmanned.  They cannot continue with the order for confiscation. Other shootings and gun fights breakout across the country.  In Washington D.C. a concerned Attorney General, and Director of Homeland Security advise the President that these citizens are in fact in a “State of Rebellion” against the United States.  The President thinks about it, and in States where there is any type of active resistance he orders the National Guard federalized into service and orders them to suppress the “rebellion” and to re-store order and tranquility to American streets and society.

The National Guard, now federalized, are loathe to shoot at American citizens, and refuse the orders.  The American President then goes to the UN for help, as American military units refuse the order to shoot and confiscate.  The World is tired of hearing about America and American Exceptionalism, so they see this as a way to “put America in her place”.  They approve the American Presidents request for intervention in the U.S. Rebellion. They send in UN forces to the United States quell the rebellion, at the behest of the American Congress and The American President.  Soon there are European planes over flying the United States and killing American citizens, the fight is on, but it is a losing fight for the citizens who stand their ground.

True this is just a silly what-if scenario, but if the ATF/FBI and other Federal Law Enforcement were willing to burn down  and kill some citizens in Waco, Texas because they had some arrest warrants for Federal Firearms Violations, don’t think that the Federal government won’t do it again.  They will, the Feds intend to continue to trample the Constitution and its restraining laws, right into the dust.  Federal power has remained unchecked since December 1865.  The Federal government is the final arbiter of its own power.  The Ninth and Tenth amendments are ignored all the time by the Federal government.  It is a beast that loves its power, and craves it even more when a “Progressive” candidate is in the Oval Office or has a majority in one of the houses of Congress.  Bottom line, those in power want to keep it, Period.  That includes the GOP

Or perhaps there is a knock at your front door on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  You answer  the door.  There in front of you is a group of men and women, dressed in brown uniforms, who inform you that they have examined local records and they noticed that you are listed as being an owner of a firearm, and it is your duty to act accordingly and surrender that weapon to their care and custody, in accordance with the Federal Firearm Confiscation Act.  They ask you for your firearm, with the warning that failure to comply will result in your immediate arrest.  You refuse their order, and are subsequently arrested.  You now have a date in Federal court.  However, you are not the only one who has refused, your friends and neighbors, and other gun owners have also refused.  You are not alone.  In fact, the Feds now have a logistical problem,  They do not have the facilities to house all who have refused the order to surrender their weapons, the courts have suddenly become even more clogged, because you and your fellow citizens have demanded a trial by jury.  Now the cards have been played by forcing the Federal government to examine its own power under the Constitution, in the blinding light of open scrutiny.

In my opinion it is better that the second scenario is much more preferable than outright gun fights with the government.  In the words of Glenn Beck, we must pledge to each other our lives, rights and fortunes,lest we all fall.

When will the elite realize that gun control does Not work, it does NOT save lives.  The “Gun Free Zones” only serve as a road map to those who will do us harm.  They will go to where they know there will be no guns to stop them.  No good guys to stop them.  Only victims. Victims and more victims, till they are stopped.

As a Prepper, I suggest buying all the ammunition and hi capacity magazines and firearms you can get legally.

Good Luck to all – conelrad



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