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OK just a quick update on my latest efforts to uphold the Second Amendment in my little corner of the world.  Last Saturday went to my local armament store in McHenry and brought a good friend along, who ended up purchasing an AR-15.  It was there that I learned why I was unable to find any Legacy Escort Semi Auto Shotguns on the internet for a reasonable price.  The story goes like this, as told to me by my local gun dealer.  The Federal government has decided that since the Escort is an imported weapon with a pistol grip, they decided that this is now to be classified as an “assault” weapon because of the Pistol grip.  But if I wanted an American shotgun with a pistol grip then it would be okay and that pistol grip on the American weapon does not constitute an “assault” weapon and thus would be safe for the actual average American citizen to own.  The Legacy is also about $350 less than the American shotgun.  Anyhow, my dealer said he had only 3 left so I promptly put the money down on 1 of them.  My friend heard this and he too put money down on one last 2 remaining.  We were told that he couldn’t get any more with the pistol grip.  Anyway I just wanted to tell the story.–conelrad

Legacy Escort Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun

Legacy Escort Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun


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