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communications with the outside world will be imperative, especially if you are alone. even within a group, the group must be able to obtain information, not only within the local area, but in a more overall strategic sense of the area of operation(s). information and the ability to communicate with other groups will be imperative. this article addresses an important component of wireless, public over the air communications. every group needs to establish and appoint a communications officer who not only understands this and other commo concepts. I would add that a ceoi (communications electronics operating instructions) book be established to determine the authenticity of the called party. I thank rmactsc for bringing this to the forefront of discussions within our prepper forum. -conelrad


There are generally two types of 2 way radios used for communications.  VHF – Very High Frequency, used for short distance communications which generally work using the line of sight method meaning there should be no obstacles in between such as mountains, tall buildings, etc., and HF – High Frequency used for long distance communications.

Using the 2 way radio differs from using a cell phone in that you cannot speak and listen at the same time.  Your radio frequency can be heard by other listeners on the same frequency so never trasmit sensative or personal information. 

Most of the common handheld 2 way radios will offer 22 channels and up to 121 privacy codes.  Look for  radio channels and frequencies that are not being used by anyone else.  Have primary and secondary channels and frequencies determined for members of your group.  As an example, your primary channel might be 3 and…

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