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Enough Already, Amazingly Enough.

Have you noticed that there is an epidemic of people, usually they think of themselves as hip, trendsetters, etc.  You know the type I am talking about.  The epidemic is the use of the word “amazing” or a derivative of said word.  For example, “we had an amazing time”, “he is amazing”, “she is amazing”, “they are amazing”, “we are amazing”,  “that was amazing”, “this was amazing”.  You get the idea.  I hereby declare a moratorium on the use of the word or any form of the word “amazing”, that includes the word “amaze”.  Every time I hear some clown on the TV or radio use the word amazing I want to shout ,”Are you so unable to find another adjective?”  No they cannot do that, because they think in their little world that they are “it”.  News Flash:  You are not!

These are the same people who like to update their “status” on Facebook and Twitter.  News Flash 2:  No one cares about your status or what you are doing or about to do or where you are going!  I am also considering a ban on the word “seriously?”  Again, the use of said word does not make you intellectually superior.  Only makes you appear as pompous as we all know you to be.  So knock it off, I am tired of hearing those two words being banding about.

To recap:  Ban on the words “Amazing” or any derivative of said word, and a ban on the word “seriously?” as a response to any question or situation you find troublesome.  Using Amazing tells the world that you are not all that smart to find another adjective, hence you might be dumb.  As for using the word seriously as a question for any situation you find troublesome tells the world you are a pompous jackass and even though you think it makes you sound intellectually superior, it does not.

Let the Ban begin-conelrad


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