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The art and science of prepping basically comes down to having the right gear, the right skills and the right mindset to survive when disaster strikes.  There are literally hundreds of items that are essential and worthwhile to stock up on; but to get you started, here is my top ten list of essential items to have on hand if disaster strikes.

  • Drinking water – at least a 3 months supply per person.
  • Food – at least a three months supply per person.
  • Firearms for self defense – shotguns, rifles and handguns along with proper training are essential.
  • Ammo and Mags – As much as possible in the proper calibers with mags as needed; to handle any self defense situation.
  • First Aid Kit – With enough vital medical supplies to handle most medical emergencies.
  • Generator with proper wiring to run your entire house.
  • Gasoline – Minimum of 100 gallons safely…

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