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Overlooked Prepping Training

It has occurred to me as warm weather approaches, there is something what I consider to be an overlooked area of Prepper Training is that of physical fitness.  I know what you are thinking.  “Physical Fitness?  You mean getting into shape, losing weight?  That kind of thing?”  The answer is both “Yes” and “No”.

One of the things that we as Preppers have come to expect from our goals and training is to survive when the rest of our fellow citizens, or in some cases, our fellow human beings.  We prep with supplies, plans, and training.  I would suggest that physical training is just as important if not more so.

We need to consider the environment in which we might find ourselves when the SHTF.  Whether that environment includes, and urban look, weather and climate conditions (is it hot or cold outside, rain and windy, or warm with a breeze).  Are we trying to evade a golden horde ( a nice way to say thugs and scum bags)?  Are we empty-handed or do we have a go bag that weighs a minimum of 20-25 pounds?  What about a fully filled ruck sack?  Our physical condition will decide whether we are to survive to live another day or we succumb to our own weakness of our body?

The answer to this question is that we will be able to greatly increase our odds of survival by being physically fit.  As preppers and in some cases as leaders of your groups,, you will set the standard of fitness.

I enjoy a good smoke and a beer (or in some cases, a good whiskey) as much as the next person.  However, as a leader of my group, I have to seriously question my stamina.  Stamina- the ability to withstand the stress of physical exertion.  I have had to re-think my choices from previous years in order to prepare myself to protect me and if necessary protect my family.  It is duty I take seriously, otherwise why bother prepping at all.

I cannot dictate to others in my group, much less to you the reader about what you need to do physically to get yourself in shape-or perhaps better shape than you are now to if necessary, perform defensive combat operations or to institute evasion plans.  I would suggest that in order to build up your stamina, you start to do a lot of cardio exercises.  Cardio will not only help build your stamina but help you lose weight.  Losing weight will enable you to move easier, and quicker across the landscape if you need to run.  Exercising will also help you to reduce your dependence on daily maintenance medication(s), which will surely be in short supply if the and when the SHTF, even if your stocked it, those stocks will eventually run out.

Time for truth from me to the world.  A couple of habits I have to reform, is my enjoyment of tobacco products, and my enjoyment of eating.  Yes I do have a tendency to overeat.  Hence I am overweight.  So I have to lose weight, stop smoking, and start to build my stamina up by doing cardio exercises.  Stamina will also help you if you are in a fight for your life or the life of a loved one.  How would you feel if you were unable to outlast someone in a fight because you were overweight and out of breath and your loved one perished because you couldn’t defend them or yourself?  Or perhaps you become wounded  or injured?  People that , who are in good shape when they were injured have a faster recovery rate than those who are not in good shape.  Fact.  There is no counter argument to this point.  It is what it is, no matter whether you agree with it or not.

This is a personal choice.  What and how you choose to approach this is truly up to you.  I’m not saying anyone has to, I am saying that this an overlooked area of Prepping.  How you as a group member or leader react to this challenge is up to you.  As for me and my group, I will urge my members to start physical fitness training.  What will you do?



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