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On the road, bad tooth, no dentist

Teeth are sturdy pieces of bone (more or less) that
we use to chew our food, but when teeth go rotten,
they can cause amazing pain.

And if you’re on the road, in the middle of nowhere,
you must have the guts to pull your bad teeth out
or the infection will spread and the pain
will become unbearable.

There are a couple of ways to pull out a tooth and
the simplest one, the one I’ve also tried,
is by jiggling the tooth.

You grab the tooth with your index and your thumb and
you move it right-left or back and forth until the tooth
comes out. Make sure your hands are very clean,
or the wound might get infected.

Keep a bandage against the wound until the bleeding
stops- the mouth is the part of our body that can
naturally close wounds the quickest,
so you won’t bleed to death, trust me.

Another method- if you want to take it out in one go,
is by eating hard foods. Still, keep in mind that
this will hurt a lot, much more than
the previous method, but works if you can’t apply
the previous method. Just bite hard foods
on that tooth, foods like carrots, apples or
candy and be ready to suffer.
Unfortunately, there’s no way to cheat pain.

There you have it, two simple and tested methods
of getting rid of bad teeth in the wild.


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