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How To Focus Your Binoculars


Ever wonder what the proper way to focus your binoculars is.  Here is the method that I use.

  1. Hold the binoculars up to your eyes.
  2. Grasp the barrels and move them either inward or outward until you see a single circular field.
  3. Set the dioptre scale located on the right eyepiece to zero.
  4. Close your right eye and turn the center focusing wheel to obtain the correct focus for your left eye.
  5. Close your left eye and turn the dioptre ring to properly set the focus for your right eye.  Your binoculars are now properly focused.

Here are a few additional considerations.  Use a secure set of straps with your binoculars to avoid dropping and damaging them on hard surfaces.  If you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses you can fold down the binoculars eye cups which will allow you to get closer to the lens for a better field of view.

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