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The Golden Horde Is Coming When The SHTF


The Golden Horde refers to the mass exodus of the unprepared; from the cities to the suburbs and the rural areas after a disaster has ocurred.  They come looking for food, water and shelter whenever infrastructure has been decimated and they will loot anything and everything they can at your expense. 

If the power grid goes down for more than a few days; cities will become rapidly unlivable.  Without power; water and food distribution will cease, law and order will start to fail, crime, arson and full scale looting will begin and rape, assault and murders will escalate.

When people are cold, wet or hungry, for any length of time, it will peel away society’s civilized qualities and revert people back to an animal state; where survival at any cost becomes the norm.  You must make sure you are not in the path of the golden horde; but if you are, you…

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