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So You Think You Might Want to Be A Prepper?

Perhaps you have stumbled across this blog by accident, or maybe you were looking for something about “preppers”.  Before you go any further, I want to assure you that I am not expert, nor do I think there are any real “certified” experts in this area.  I know there are people out there that have varying degrees of experience and knowledge about prepping,  but as far as there being an institutional certification in Prepping, it just doesn’t exist.  With that said, and you understand that, I will attempt to get you pointed in the right direction.

Because you have just decided to continue reading on, then it must be considered that something somewhere got you thinking that prepping might be a good idea.  Prepping just isn’t about “The End Of The World As We Know It”, or sometimes it is referred to by this acronym, TEOTWAWKI.  Many people prep for various other reasons, for example a natural disaster.  Do you remember the scenes from New Orleans during Katrina, or as recently as Hurricane Sandy?  What were some of the things that people truly needed, but if they had just planned a bit better, then perhaps their misery would not have been as great.  What about Tornadoes?  Winter Blizzards? You get the idea.  How about powerful summer storms that knock out electricity for days on end?  As you can see Prepping does not have to be about surviving the end of the world.  Another acronym that you might find while researching preppers and their reasons for prepping is WTSHTF (When The Shit Hits The Fan).

There will come a point in your decision making process when you decide to actually take action, and get serious about taking the necessary steps to be prepared. When you reach that point, you have just leaped ahead of 92% of the U.S. population, who have not thought about the possibility of their lives being altered by events beyond their control, or have thought about it, and have decided to let the “government” be it State or Federal take care of their needs.  Well I think we can all agree that the government can’t take care of anything except themselves, which is not saying much of their efforts or well intentioned plans and ideas.  By the way, they do not work.

At first, you will have decide what is important to you as a prepper, and what do I need to get started.  Upon first thought you will more than likely say to yourself, what do I need?, where do I start?,  I’m not wealthy, how can all those other people afford to do it.   Truth is, most of us cannot afford it.  We got started by making a priority list, then buying a little at a time.  Instead of going out for the evening with the wife (or husband as the case may be), we opted to buy that case of 30 year water, or that case of long life shelf food.

As your list progresses the list will change all the time, as you think you need item “A” now, but then Item “B” then seems to become more important than “A”.  Happens to me all the time.  Just when I thin I got it to where I want it, I find that I am not even close, so the list revision begins again.  This is not a bad thing, it shows that you are thinking and as you come to certain realizations as it pertains to you and your family the needs change.  This is good.  A Prepper needs to be flexible and not dogmatic in his thinking.

So you have your pad of paper, pen or No. 2 pencil with a good eraser on the end, and are now ready to sit down and begin your master list, right?  Right.

For me I didn’t know where to start, I had no guidance except what I found other preppers on the net talking about and what they had stockpiled.  I also realized that most of my friends would think that I went off the deep end and would soon be building bunkers in the middle of the night, and raving about the end of the world, etc.  So I decided to tell a few friends what conclusions I had come to after thinking about our National situation, and the future that it might hold for the average citizen, or watching the victims of natural disasters forced to depend on the government for their very survival until the infrastructure (also known as the “grid”) is repaired.  Take note here- You might see the term “grid up” or “grid down”. It means that the infrastructure such as electricity, transportation, food and energy distribution, or any other institutional entity is either working or it isn’t.  When doing your list think about all that you might need should it not be readily available. Go from there.  Think about how to acquire it, stock it, get it, keep it and keep it safe.

Some of the things you might want to consider on your list will surely involve food and water.  How to get it, where to get it, where to store it.  Communications.  Communications are will be essential to maintain your a positive mental attitude, as well as knowing what is going on in your local area as well as what is happening in the world around you.  I myself, have gone out and obtained my HAM radio license, and have a few CB radios and personal radios Medical supplies, need that for those injured.  How about personal hygiene products?   The big thing associated with preppers is guns.

It is a personal choice for you to make as to whether you wish to arm yourself or family members.  The reasons are many, but I would point out the obvious.  If there is a situation where there is no help available, and catastrophe strikes, humans being what they are, will at some point of time resort to violence to get they need to survive, and they will not and do not care how they get it.  Rule of thumb is that if there is no fresh, clean water available, people will start to resort to violence within 96 hours-some think 72 hours depending when the have nots realize that help/aid is either not getting there soon enough, or not at all.  FEMA has stated as a matter of policy that it will take them 72 hours to mobilize their resources to start relief efforts, if they can at all.  So they want people to have enough stocks on hand for everyone in their family for up to 72 hours.  Lets be honest, how many of your friends and neighbors have actually done that?  Much less even thought about it?  Again, the decision to arm yourself to protect your family and your food and water is strictly up to you.  Make the wrong choice, and you or your family members might pay for that decision with their very lives.

My friend, Roger A. has a great website and he has what I consider to be very good suggestions in this area.  You can read his blog here and he usually answers comments and questions in fairly short order.

My point is this, the sooner you start acquiring the supplies you might need the better off you will be if they are ever needed.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition either.  A little at a time.  Before you know it, your supply cache will be well under way.  This is not a over night project, it takes time, unless of course you hit the lottery and get all you need right away.

If you were wondering what set me off on the path to prepping, it was an old Twilight Zone episode, “The Shelter”.

"The Shelter" Episode 3, Season 3 Twilight Zone

There was a line in the script that the one man had said about being prepared, it as something along the lines “that if you had given up a few Saturday barbeques, and used that time to prepare….”  It struck a chord in me, and that was when I decided that I would be prepared.  Even if meant my family and friends thought I was paranoid, or nuts.

So until next time- keep or start prepping-your own life or those of your loved ones just might depend on it, even if they don’t realize it now.–conelrad



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