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What Is Martial Law

Imagine, if you will, (Rod Serling like voice) that if the Boston Bombing had just detonated a couple more devices, then add to it, the civil authorities could not get a handle on the situation such as not finding the Brothers Grim. How close was Boston to coming under Martial law? Could it have evolved into that scenario? The people were already told to stay in doors/home. Civilian services were suspended such as transportation, road blocks were in force, Think about it.


Martial law can be defined as the military taking control of a city, state or country and running it at their discretion.  The military would impose control on a civilian population when law and order cannot be maintained by the civil authorities.  Martial law scenarios would likely involve a restriction, erosion or suspension of your Constitutional rights by government decree.

In order to survive martial law the following things should be considered.  You will need to prepare beforehand by becoming as self reliant as possible; avoid traveling to any and all areas under martial law; do not draw attention to yourself or your family during times of martial law; stay informed and never accept the governments word at face value.  Remember your survival trumps obeying dictates.

A constant, armed military presence  and routine patrols by the military will be part of martial law along with curfews and vehicle checkpoints.  There will be people who…

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