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The Bug Out Bag

Remember, this is a “bag” that contains provisions for 72 hours-that’s 3 days for those of you who vote Democratic. During those 72 hours you will have to make a choice, either A) you deem it safe enough to return to your home, after all you are going to need re supply soon enough-so updated correct information is imperative, or B) it is not safe to return, so you will need to go to your groups rally point and try to make it to your redoubt- or to another group members residence. Do not forget-you will NEED to sleep. A rested mind is a sharp mind-you will need a minimum of 4 hours every 24 hours- that’s 1 day for those of you who vote Democratic- for your mind to be at a minimally sharp state enough to make a good decisions. Less than that and you run the risk of making a poor decision that may cost you your life or your supply cache. As always continue prepping-conelrad


A Bug Out Bag is basically a survival pack that should contain all of the items which are necessary to survive a disaster for at least a 72 hour period.  When putting together your Bug Out Bag (BOB) you should take into consideration your personal situation and needs to maximize your bags effectiveness.

Recommended items to carry in your Bug Out Bag include water, a water purification method, food, first aid kit, appropriate clothing, knife, multitool, firearm, ammunition, flashlight, batteries, portable radio, binoculars, fire starting method, blanket, compass, shelter, zip ties, duct tape, 550 paracord, ziploc bags, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bug spray, personal hygiene items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, cash and coins.

My current Bug Out Bag is a Fox Medium Rio Grande Pack in Woodland Camo and I keep a U.S. Issue Medium Alice Pack with frame in Woodland Camo as a backup.  Make sure you…

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    • conelrad on said:

      Thank you for your feedback. I do appreciate your input. There are times I wonder, as I am sure you have at one time or another, if your words re getting out there, or at least making a difference to someone, somewhere. Thank you again-jj


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