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Things to Know About Freedom and Government


Here are some important things you need to know about freedom and governent.

  • Your elected representatives could care less about your opinions and interests unless of course you are a major financial donor.
  • Governments will use fear as a weapon and by doing so, create real or imagined threats that they will claim only the government can solve.
  • Never waive or give up your rights under any circumstances.
  • Strangers are just that, strangers, so do not engage in talking to them about anything private or sensative.
  • Never make an assumption that an expert is really an expert.  Most of them are not and are only given airtime to push a particular agenda.
  • If you have fundamental differences with certain people it is a waste of time to argue issues, politics or philosophies with them.  
  • The less informed the populace is; the better those in power like it.
  • Avoid the victim mentality. …

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