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Immigration Reform-Short and Sweet

I have noticed a flurry of Immigration reforms advertisements and media stories the last two weeks.  Have you?

Anyway the ads have the talking and highlights of the reform bill-no government aid, paying taxes, speaking English, etc.  However there is problem with this approach, and I think the GOP in Washington knows it-as do the Dems.

The problem lies within our own U.S. Constitution. Specifically the 13th,14th, 15th, Amendments.  I will put it in a short perspective so as to not draw it out forever.  The bottom line is this- As soon as the reform legislation is signed-it becomes unconstitutional in that there can be no sub-citizen class.  All citizens are afforded the same protections-whether they are born here or not, whether they are naturalized or given amnesty.  The government cannot bestow certain rights on some citizens and deny those rights to others.  They cannot make them learn to speak English, they cannot make them work (how else will they get money to pay taxes?)  They cannot make them go to the end of the line.  This is the basic flaw in this legislation.

So this is what will happen.  Bill signed into law, law is immediately challenged as unconstitutional, courts will rule that it is, thus all the “reforms” and mandates required by the law will become null and void.  Ta-da-instant amnesty and nothing really changes.  Of course there are some details not enumerated here, but I am sure you get the idea and can see what is or will be pending.

With that I mind, keep on prepping-conelrad



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