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First things first before I begin–Good Evening NSA.

I had some email questions about my blog, specifically about some of the widgets on the sidebar.  I will explain them, as I can.

I have created an RSS feed for those of my readers to obtain a quick link should they decide to avail themselves of their 2nd Amendment right to bear and keep firearms.  Just a click on any of the entries will take the reader to where they will see the item they clicked on and continue shopping for other arms if they wish.  I also included the layaway feature for the RSS feed for those that are on a tight budget, like me, so the weapon can be affordable.

I also have a widget for my Twitter account.  I post many of my entries from  Who is weaselzipper, no one I know or any others I have had conversations seem to know.  But we do think this man or woman is either in the intel community (which one we do not know) or has close ties with that community.  Many of the weaselzipper stories usually appear about 24 hours before the MSM “breaks” the story.  Maybe that is why many of us think he/she has links to the intel community.

The rest of the widgets are pretty self-explanatory.  Anyway I wanted to let some of this blog’s followers know what it was they were seeing on the sidebar.  I do hope that they will take advantage of the RSS feeds.

As for me being a “Prepper“, well that is a lifestyle I have chosen to follow to protect my family.  Seeing that everyday produces a ‘Scandal Du-Jour’ coming out of that cesspool known as Washington DC and seeing what the government is and has been doing just convinces me more and more the Prepper choice is the correct choice.  I would hope that other citizens would also make the same decision for their families.  The decision to remain a dependent on the government for your welfare in a crisis situation is foolish and could very well end up costing you or your loved ones their very lives.

So that’s it for tonight’s entry, keep on prepping, and if you are not sure where to start or how to start contact me-I’ll help you out to get you started!-jj


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