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Important Survival Tips To Remember

How many times must the readers of these blogs be reminded? Either start now to be prepared for the possibility of bad ju-ju or perish like the rest of the victims.


The following are some important survival tips to remember.

  • Emergency services will be overwhelmed during a disaster so it is imperative to become as self reliant as possible.
  • Having a sufficient quantity of canned foods and bottled water is essential for in place disaster survival.  If you haven’t stocked up on these basic necessities ask yourself why?
  • Flooding is the most common natural disaster in every U.S. State.
  • Have a primary, secondary and tertiary disaster survival plan.
  • Have a Bug Out Bag ready to go.  If you need to move to safer ground your bag should contain all of the essential items you will need to survive for a minimum of three days.
  • Be proficient with weapons for self defense including handguns, rifles, shotguns and knives.
  • Know the best strike points to incapacitate a human attacker if involved in a hand to hand confrontation.
  • Develop the will and the…

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