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While at work today I saw a bumper sticker that read, “Violence never solved anything”.  I thought about it for a minute and decided that this person wants to be a victim.  How,you ask, did I come to this conclusion?  My thinking is this.

I figure that if this person was attacked by another person, they would stand there and take it.  Instead of fighting back, they would be the victim and refuse to fight, thinking that someone else will come to their rescue, or perhaps they might try to reason with the person attacking them, hoping that their so called enlightened, “superior” intellect will win the day and save them from further abuse.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  If you expect to survive an attack by a thug, or some other societal cretin/victim who is and has never been responsible for their behavior, you MUST get violent enough, fast enough to overcome their attack.  You must show no mercy to the attacker and finish the job till their attack ceases or they are no longer capable of any type of aggression against you or your family.  You MUST be willing to use any and all means available to you to overcome their attack, and counter with your own violent attack.

Now this brings me to my next point.  For those citizens who live in a liberal “utopia” where firearms are banned, I offer you this free advice:  Move out of that place.  I would like to offer this advice for criminals: Go to the places where firearms are banned, and commit your crimes upon the feel good libs of that town.  As a criminal I understand that you want easy victims, and less danger when performing your chosen vocation.  I think that you may be more successful in an area that has outlawed firearms, thus increasing your chances of success when performing your criminal acts.  I have found out that the town of Hanover Park, Illinois is going to decide whether to be one of those liberal fantasy islands where firearms are outlawed, and all men and women live in peace and co exist with all of mankind.  By the way I have yet to see any magical unicorns or magic rainbows in Hanover Park.  So we can add Hanover Park to the list of tyranny towns in the Peoples Democratic Republic of ILL-ANNOY.

So as the mindless continue to defang the American citizen by choosing to ignore and violate their basic rights as citizens of this Republic, I can only hope that these so called know it alls are recalled from their elected office and booted out to live in the fantasy world of their own making.  I am sure that eventually they too will be victims of the criminal elements who will not obey their silly laws, and will not get a firearms background check.

It is the very reason I say to continue to prep and ignore anything that these buffoons try to pass as law, ordinances, or statutes.. Let them be the victim of their own nonsensical world view, no reason to be entrapped by them.

Continue prepping- conelrad

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One thought on “Bumper Sticker Read

  1. Actually people who say “violence never solved anything” are woefully ignorant of history. In fact violence, or the threat of violence has “solved” just about everything ever solved. We “solved” the Nazis with M1 Garands, B24 bombers, etc. Only way they could be “solved.”



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