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Tools Every Prepper Should Have Around The House


If a natural disaster strikes; there are some tools every prepper should have around the house for cleaning up; and for getting life back to normal in the aftermath.  Here’s a list.

  • Extension Ladder – Can be used for clearing storm debris off of your roof and gutters.
  • Prybar – For seperating nailed beams or prying up storm debris.
  • Flashlights – For working in the dark or peering into darkened places.  You need to be able to see what you are working on.
  • Shovel – For filling sandbags or digging out of the mud.
  • Wire Cutters – Self explanatory 🙂
  • Bolt Cutters – For cutting through and removing padlocks.
  • Work Gloves – To prevent blisters, cuts and splinters, etc.
  • Workboots – To prevent blisters, cuts and splinters, etc.
  • Axe – For chopping through debris.
  • Chain Saw – For clearing downed trees and branches.
  • Generator – To provide temporary power…

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