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Why America Is In Decline


America; that once great promised land is currently in decline.  Here are the most troubling indicators that reflect this.

  1. Full scale assaults are currently underway on our rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.  The 2nd amendment is the most noticeable; but others are being ignored or trampled on by those in power as well.
  2. Unemployment.  When you have to use faulty statistics to lie to the public; something is indeed wrong.  an unemployed person whose benefits have run out is dropped from the unemployment numbers; what kind of proper statistical analysis is that?  The real unemployment numbers if all the unemployed were actually counted would approximately be about 30%.
  3. Lack of accountability.  Liberal politicians can lie all they want and make backroom deals without fear of consequences; as they are partnered up with the lame stream media that covers up their misdeeds, unless of course you are a Conservative; then…

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