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As I begin to plan for my “radio” program, I am in need of people who are bloggers, or are interesting, even if you think you are not, but others do, please consider coming on the showgram.  My time slot is only for 15 minutes to start off, however, if this gets going, then I will move to a primetime slot (6pm-10pm cst). 

Check out my page to see who I am, then you can see if we might be able to pull off a showgram.  To start off the Contrafighter blog deals mostly with Prepping, but I also touch on the political side-I am right of center politically, at times really right of center depending on the issue.  I am hoping to make a network on contra radio, and would consider taking on other people on the internet radio station .  Perhaps you are that person.

My contact email is ,  drop me a line, lets see if we can get something hooked up.  Thanks-conelrad


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