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Next time you think, ‘I don’t like cops’

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The other day, someone whom I adore made mention to someone else how, ‘they didn’t like cops’, because they get to do things the rest of us are not privileged to do only because they’re the law.  This common paradox within our society today intrigued me to the point of wanting to talk about it in a few insignificant and meaningless words.

You know, I think I have said the same thing only because one or two cops, in my entire life, have caused me grief whether it was a ticket, ( I obviously did not deserve ), or some smart ass reply directed my way when I interfered with their presumably mundane day.  Shame on me for being so presumptuous.

Pretty petty now as I see it.  Pretty petty of me.

After the Boston bombing and seeing the mountains of…

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One thought on “Next time you think, ‘I don’t like cops’

  1. detectivedaschund on said:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing one of wiseguy’s well written posts! 🙂


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